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  1. Ladies... Just be what God created... "YOU"

    This is a great blog post by Tracey Morrell Bethune about being yourself - a reminder about how to simply "Be" the woman you may have been suppressing without even realizing it...

    Click here: http://meessentiallyalive.blogspot.c...heart.html?m=1

    Keep Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!


    WOW!!!!!!! I just read your blog!!! Thank you so much for the amazing compliments Tracey! Sometimes I get to teaching this stuff so often, that I wonder if it has any impact anymore.

    Your feelings and VERY well-written words proved that it is still very true, and that I should keep spreading the good word!

    Yes please keep going! You're amazing and we need more women like this. Our parents never knew how to teach us how to handle our emotions and it wreaked havoc on the last 2-3 generations. I've had to try and figure it out and find people like you as mentors that help us learn. It's so important!

    Hi Edie! I was in Denver at the Salsa congress this year. It had been 8 years since I had danced a step. I had also waited 10 years to take from you! You didn't disappoint!

    The best thing was the psychology part. You reminded me that it was ok to be a lady and be feminine. I had ...
  2. Food & Nutrition

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ID:	776Food and Nutrition Links I am keeping track of and following ...


    The Satiety Index List

    • Forks over Knives

    • Dr. McDougall
    • Dr. Esselstyn
    • Dr. Campbell
    • Dr. Greger
    • Dr. Novick
    • Dr. Klaper

    Youtube Videos:

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  3. Sergia Louise Anderson - National Pole Dance Champion!

    Fantastic Interview with Sergia Louise Anderson!
    by Janette Valenzuela

    I first took notice of Sergia while judging the Mayan Salsa Contests in Los Angeles when she competed in the Professional Salsa Couples Category. Great stage presence, technique & style were characteristics that stood out in Sergia’s performances. The second time I noticed her was during the Los Angeles Salsa congress where Sergia performed with a couples Salsa Team. This was the moment I told myself that I needed to work with her as I was scouting dancers for my dance company, "City of Angels Salseras."

    .... It’s been great to work with Sergia and share ideas as fellow artists but it’s also been a joy to get to know her personally. I am now training at her studio in pole dance lessons
    She is an incredibly patient and caring teacher & a great mentor to the many women who come to train with her.

    Click here!!
  4. When it gets crowded.

    What To Do When It Gets Crowded...
    by Jeff Camilo

    Jeff and I started dancing Salsa about the exact same time. We both took private lessons from Luis and Joby Vazquez in the beginning, and go back a long way... If there's one thing I have to say about this "New Yo-Rican" turned "Angelean", he's blunt, to-the-point, says what he thinks, and is an absolutely incredible Salsa dancer. Take it away Jeff! Love you!
    - Edie

    What to Do When It Gets Crowded...
    by Jeff Camilo

    When one walks through a crowded room there are times that one must turn sideways in order to squeeze between people or stop to let others pass by and occasionally beg someone’s pardon in order to pass by. When one is stuck in heavy traffic one takes every precaution not to run into anyone or be the cause of an accident. However, on the dance floor no one exercises this kind of discretion. One can only apologize so much for stepping and bumping into people before they become tired of it.

    This is the type of behavior that is going on, on the dance floor, at most of the popular clubs. I have been both culprit and victim of the careless behavior when I began to dance Salsa. There is also scandalous conduct by some dancers that should cease and not be tolerated. Older couples are afraid to step out on the dance floor for fear of being injured. There is a time and place for those who want to perform and the crowed dance floor is not ...
  5. Salsa Clicks... by Don Fiti

    Salsa Cliques
    By Salsero, Jeff Camilo, aka "Don Fiti"

    "Do you belong to a Salsa Clique? Are Salsa cliques a benefit or are they a detriment to the Salsa World?

    I am reminded of the Biblical tale of the Tower of Babel. Everyone was trying to build a Tower to reach Heaven and the only way God sought to stop this was to divide everyone by changing their languages so that they could not communicate. Hence, the Tower ceased to grow.

    In this day and age I see what I would like to call the Tower of Salsa. The more we try to share with the rest of the world this fascinating music the more obstacles pop up to hinder the spread of Salsa.

    If it isn’t the Casino Rueda Groups who have created a very sophisticated type of dancing, it’s the little Salsa clique’s that have proliferated onto the scene, which come with rules and regulation. The worst part of it is that now we have certain individuals who what to infringe on other individuals rights to express themselves based on those individuals sexual orientation or preferences. What is this Salsa World coming to? I can only hear the echo of the six words uttered by Rodney King that were heard across the world, “Can’t we all just get along?”.

    We are our own worst enemies. We invite people into our Salsa homes and then we separate them at the door. I believe that people who get together as groups in order to compete against each other is good for Salsa. ...
  6. Coffee is now found to be GOOD for you!!

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    Salseros... Drink as Much Coffee as You Like!!
    According to Lindsay Abrams | Nov 30, 2012 of the Atlantic Post,
    "... the more coffee you drink, the longer you live."

    A Salsero's #1 Drug of Choice: Caffeine.

    We don't smoke, we don't drink, we don't do drugs... we just CAFFEINATE OURSELVES to stay up for dancing, and to stay up for the drive home. Then, the next day, to stay UP for work.
    It's a never-ending Caffeinated Cycle of absolute sleepless BLISS.
    Click Here for full Article...
    Happy Dancing!!

    Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
  7. I fell down!

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    From a wonderful student of dance, Mary J. Judkins

    Related Article: /content...=863-The-Dream

    I recently finished my first ever pro-am novice competition at Pacific Hustle & Salsa Classic. It was a wonderful experience & I met a lot of very wonderful people including Edie (The Salsa Freak!!) & Al (Liquid Silver) ... He (Al) & I were kibitzing in the afternoon before my event in front of his video booth he had set up in the Hyatt Regency lobby (S.F.). I made the remark to him that my main goal was not to fall on my ass. He then startedjoking about how dancers after a fall during a competition could attempt to "cover it up". He even demonstrated this with a little move, a pretend fall, then lying on the floor, doing an extended grand "ta-da" pose while on the floor, & had everybody in stitches.

    Little did I know that later on, he was judging my event & I bet by now you can guess what happened to me! Indeed, because of my inexperience, I neglected to sand my well used dance shoes & as luck would have it, I was the ONLY one in the competition who fell down! I didn't need his story to show me how to act, I pretty much laugh at life anyways so when it happened to me, my natural thing was to laugh, get up, take a brief bow, waved to the audience, & continued on with what I love to do more than anything which is the dance of salsa.The audience at first ...

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