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    Instructor-based Topics:

    • How to Keep Students Coming Back for More!!"

    • Keeping students interested

    • Attracting the right TYPE of student

    • To have a dance team or not?

    • The importance of training

    • Self Sabotage, Self Defeat, Self-Analysis

    • Dealing with difficult people

    • How to handle a "bad situation"

    • Finances and Accounting

    • Minimum Sustaining Rate Analysis

    • Marketing - Social Media vs Email

    • How AWESOME instructors can make or break your schools

    • How to expand your student base beyond your wildest expectations!

    • How to keep your beginner base FILLED to the BRIM!

    This Members-Only section includes the video, audio, .pdf download modules and Discussion Q&A Forum for Dancers, Instructors, Promoters, & Performers The "Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why" of SUCCESSFUL Business Development and Marketing.

    Once you receive your BBS and DBM certification, you are granted Lifetime Membership Access to this section of the Dancer's Hangout site. Click here for the Next BBS and DBM Course Dates near you.

    Learn to Earn $$

    Inside this section are the DBM online course materials that are designed to teach you step-by-step on how to grow your dance business FINANCIALLY to levels you never thought possible.

    DBM and BBS Graduates: No charge

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    Those who passed the DBM and / or BBS Certification Courses prior to April 2011 are automatically grand-fathered into the system as a Lifetime Member to further enhance and continue their education.

    Take your Passion of Dance to the NEXT LEVEL

    Inside you will find how the absolute BEST Dance Studios, Instructors, Performers, and PROMOTERS in the world SUCCEED and continue to FLOURISH against ANY odds - no matter what the ECONOMY is dictating. Here in the Members-Only area, both students and graduates may download course materials on an ongoing basis, and freely discuss and exchange ideas, collaborate events, and work on projects in a Worldwide Master Mind Network, taking our industry to a new level.

    Click: www.DanceBusinessManagement.com for full details

    click pic below...

    Awesome video for the aspiring Entrepreneur!

    See you on the dance floor!

    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Last but not least, REMEMBER we dance because we love this S#&@*T!!!

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    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    "Roll Up Your Sleeves" Time-Consuming RESEARCH is what will always win the end.

    What I've realized is there are a LOT of brand new businesses touting "We are SEO Pro's" - "Come buy my SEO product..." . Yes, these ...

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