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    omg what happened? YOU ARE KIDDING ME.
    Tell us about what happened on at the Salsa / Bachata club last night! Your feelings , experiences , and crazy insane stories from the dance floor!
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    1. Mrs Brietling's Avatar
      Mrs Brietling -
      Dear Edie,

      I can relate to some of your posts even though I am a beginner at Salsa. I too am married to a total non-dancer and am not looking for a partner through dancing, but already i too have expeienced that "better than sex" feeling that you described of your first steal....

      I was enjoying a few lessons and the one or two social dances I have dared try out. But I had no idea how fabulous one simple dance with a HOT lead could make you feel. Where I live in the UK it has been hard to tap into any kind of real salsa scene, not much to inspire a novice with natural rhythm but huge inhibitions! Nevertheless, inspired by one of your boot camps a while back, I still feel salsa may just be something that will help my self esteem and help me re-discover my femininity and sensuality. Also perhaps the excersise may help me shed my excess 2 stone and I figured I could just about bear swaying my huge booty in class as I have no-one to hide from or impress, fellow students are kind and encouraging!

      My second only evening at a social, there appeared a guy who stood out from all the rest, must have been a pro in some dance style, such stature, poise and confidence. His salsa was very "English" but mesmerising and I could see all the best lady dancers knew him and flocked around for their turn. I didn't see him ask a lady once (except perhaps his wife)!

      Thankfully i got plenty offers and I was just about all danced out, some generous and tolerant men, some less so but plenty of practice and laughs. Then shamefully, I managed to avoid the advances of one lead, only to hear the voice of another and see an outstretched hand, would it be too rude to refuse? OMG it was only the handsome, dashing pro that everyone had been watching all night....What was he thinking....I am such a beginner (I HAD to warn him..) I was smiling from ear to ear as the prospect seemed both exciting yet ridiculous. Well for me the dance was a blur, but I remember him being kind to me. I thought I would faint with embarrassment and excitement, when finally he escorted me back to my seat with a huge disarming smile of his own. I couldn't dance with anyone after that, I went home on a high that lasted a week at least, and still makes me smile (cringe) even now! Maybe I was his "sacrifice dance" but I was still the only one chosen, in my mind, and that one small thing was a huge gift to me. He probably has no idea what he did to me that night, but that matters not.

      I fear no other night will match it, but I will practice in the hope of some similar opportunity, I may be more prepared and 2dress sizes smaller ;0)

      Mrs Brietling
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