• Thank you for the Beginner's Corner

    Edie, I don’t really have a question. Just wanted to let you know how reassuring it is to read the stuff in the
    Beginners Corner. Learning Salsa has been a struggle. I thought there was something wrong with my “musicality” but then I learned of musicians that arrange Salsa and can’t dance to their own music. So this is hard stuff and on more than one occasion I have been ready to quit but right now I’m on an all out attack using no fewer than four instructors on and off. Here is the most embarrassing thing: I have learned the most from the instructor I least expected to learn from. She is one of those natural dancers, raised in [city] and is strict about timing. Although my timing is far from perfect it has improved to the point of getting through an entire song doing shines without missing a beat thanks to her.

    Well, in any case, thanks for the
    Beginners Corner.

    - A Determined Student
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    1. ediester's Avatar
      ediester -
      Hi Edie,

      Just wanted to thank you for a great description of Salsa beginner's hell, especially as it looks like for men. The funny thing is that after yesterday evening in a Salsa club in Warsaw I was about to quit ("I'll never be able to dance the way those guys do" way of thinking) and your article changed my attitude completely.

      Thank you very much once again

      Cheers Michal
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