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    "Dear Edie,
    What is proper etiquette? The man to lead the way to the dance floor or the gal?
    Hmmm? Let me know.
    - Lil' Etiquette"

    Dear Lil' Etiquette,
    Since the woman is the one who is following, it is only natural, that she "follow" her partner to the dance floor. It looks so nice when a man gently pulls his partner to the dance floor by one hand. If a woman takes the guy's hand, and pulls him to the dance floor, it appears that she is the domineering one; taking lead, taking control, and the stronger, decision-maker of the two. She looks aggressive and almost intimidating. In dancing, all chauvinism aside, the woman is the more delicate, the more frail of the two, and the one that must follow. "She" should be the one displayed, and lead to the floor.

    It looks tacky if it appears the woman is leading a guy onto the dance floor. The woman should make it look like the man asked "her" - not the other way around. Even if she ask HIM to dance, it should still appear as if he asked HER. It's old fashioned I know, but it's nice. If he asked "her", then HE is more willing to dance with her than she is with him. It's the old female hard-to-get attitude we all know and love.....

    Another appropriate way of leading the woman to the floor would be when the man "allows" her onto the floor as if he was sitting her down at a dinner table for example. He should walk in front of her and lead her across the carpet to the edge of the dance floor. Once he gets to the edge, he can gently place her in front of him, by placing his hand gently on her back, and allow her to first step on the floor, in a very gentleman-like fashion. He should then take her hand, pull her close, and start the dance.

    How Romantic...

    Happy Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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    1. ediester's Avatar
      ediester -

      The simple rule is that the woman goes first except in uncontrolled situations. On the way to the floor, the man leads the way because he is making a path to the dance floor. If the floor is close, like they are sitting at a table at the edge of the floor then she can step onto the floor first. But if they have to navigate through the crowd then he clears the way.

      The other easy exception is that the man is always below the women when on stairs, so that if she falls she can land on him.

      Otherwise, the woman goes first. Your explanation of why the woman wouldn't go first is a good one, but the etiquette rule stems from control of the environment not who is "pushy".

      The same reasoning applies to opening the car door for your woman: you don't leave a woman standing outside the car while you get in, nor do you stay in the car while she gets out. First of all, you're leaving her exposed to all kinds of nasty people, and second, she may appreciate your assistance in getting in/out of the car while wearing a tight dress and heels.

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