• Desperate from England

    Dear Edie,
    My friends and I go dancing several nights a week in an effort to meet women, yet despite dancing with maybe 20 or 30 different partners during the course of a typical week we always seem to fail in the "lurve" stakes. I've suggested to my friend that we concentrate on a dozen or so of the more likely candidates, but he feels that we should continue to play the numbers game as the laws of probability are on our side. I think that part of the problem is that we have a dance, and the lady seems to have a good time, but then the song ends and another starts and we see an even more beautiful lady whom we have to to dance with. This continues all night, and I'm afraid we're developing a bit of a bad reputation.

    What we need is advice from a woman on what ladies are looking for when they go out. What else is there other than dancing with the woman of your dreams, propositioning her at the end of the dance, and then moving onto the next woman of your dreams when you've been blown out. We see guys who have no idea of how to dance having far more success than we do, so do you think going back to beginner's lessons where we aren't known would help.

    Please help,
    Desperate from England...

    Dear Desperate from England,
    If you are dancing with 20 or 30 different partners during the course of a typical week, you must be a pretty good dancer. 99.9% of all the good male dancers have a bad reputation with women. Now whether it's the truth or not, they still develop a bad reputation. Women realize these guys are just "playing" with them. They see them with all these other women, and the women realize they are just "one of them" and end up going along with it and playing the game too...just to have fun - nothing serious...

    If you want to strike a home run, you've got to stop playing Mr. Honey-bee, and stick to just one flower. AAAAhhh, but the CHOICES....! How could one POSSIBLY CHOOSE among England's FINEST you say???

    It's simple. Follow your.... uh..... your gut, you know ... that "Machismo" thing going on. There HAS to be a chemistry that is VERY strong in at least one of the dozens you dance with. If you want a relationship, and don't want a reputation, dance with everyone, have fun, but make it clear that you are interested in only ONE woman. Make her yours by dancing with her more than anyone else. While dancing with her, caress her hair, whisper soft, wonderful things in her ear, pick her up at her house, treat her like a queen, tell her she looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress. Give her flowers, take her to dinner, compliment everything about her the ENTIRE evening. Take her dancing, constantly look at her. Open her car door, tell her she's beautiful every chance you get. Show jealousy for her. Never look at another woman. Go see a midnight movie afterward. Ever so slowly, put your hand her cheek, touch her face, her neck, and then her shoulders, tell her she's absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world, then softly and slowly, gently kiss her - but not a wet kiss, just a strong, sweet, simple one (when no one's looking). Drive her home, then tell her how much you feel for her, how special she is to you, how beautiful she is. Look in her eyes, caress her hair, and tell her she is the most beautiful women you've ever met in your entire life. Tell her that your life wouldn't be complete without her, tell her all you want to do is spend the rest of the evening with her...

    I'm writing a book called "Latin Lines and Latin Guys". I'm not kidding. The book works. Only Latin men know this secret. The secret has been passed down from their fathers and friends, held tightly and kept to themselves, in their own culture. Now, I am FINALLY going to reveal it to the world!!! BECAUSE THE AVERAGE GUY REALLY NEEDS TO KNOW THIS STUFF!!!

    There have been countless times when we see a fantastic guy just SCREW UP a perfectly good opportunity, just because of his "lack of seduction knowledge". We actually feel sorry for them! Did anyone ever bother to teach him? Did he go off and try to study in school, "How to Seduce a Woman 101"? I DON'T THINK SO. We feel bad for guys sometimes. They simply do not know what to do! So, in our efforts to help the human (male) race, we are providing this education for the benefit of both men AND their lovers.. or wanna-be's....

    Click here to encourage me to GET THIS BOOK DONE!!!

    Happy Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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    1. ediester's Avatar
      ediester -
      Regarding the letter to you from "Desperate from England":

      Dear Edie AND Desperate from England,
      Has it ever occurred to men that women actually go out JUST TO DANCE and NOT AT ALL to hook up with somebody? I don't know about the rest of you ladies out there, but I would not want to go out with someone who goes to clubs just to meet women. I go out to DANCE, and THAT IS IT. Men should do the same and go out there to dance and have a good time, not to try to find the woman of their dreams. If it happens it happens, but don't look for it, especially in a night club. Don't kid yourselves.

      And another thing... Guys!!! Don't touch a woman before you even ask her to dance. And do not approach her from the back, or the side. You have a much better chance on her saying yes if you approach her from the front and do not touch her until she gives you her hand. Be Gentlemen out there, not Brutes. Believe me, I automatically say NO to a man who has touched me before he asks me to dance, or to one who does not approach me from the front. And I almost always say YES to the ones who approach me from the front and politely wait until I take their hand.

      Try it Guys, IT WORKS!!!

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