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Ladies... Just be what God created... "YOU"

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This is a great blog post by Tracey Morrell Bethune about being yourself - a reminder about how to simply "Be" the woman you may have been suppressing without even realizing it...

Click here: http://meessentiallyalive.blogspot.c...heart.html?m=1

Keep Dancing!
- Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!


WOW!!!!!!! I just read your blog!!! Thank you so much for the amazing compliments Tracey! Sometimes I get to teaching this stuff so often, that I wonder if it has any impact anymore.

Your feelings and VERY well-written words proved that it is still very true, and that I should keep spreading the good word!

Yes please keep going! You're amazing and we need more women like this. Our parents never knew how to teach us how to handle our emotions and it wreaked havoc on the last 2-3 generations. I've had to try and figure it out and find people like you as mentors that help us learn. It's so important!

Hi Edie! I was in Denver at the Salsa congress this year. It had been 8 years since I had danced a step. I had also waited 10 years to take from you! You didn't disappoint!

The best thing was the psychology part. You reminded me that it was ok to be a lady and be feminine. I had really struggled with it. You also had the women and men say certain things to each other in class. We looked at each other and you had us tell them we trusted and respected them and we would follow wherever they took us. And then you had the men tell us we were safe and secure and that basically they wouldn't let us down. I can't remember it word for word. I did tell that to my husband when I got home and our marriage has improved!

I have a blog and tomorrow my post is on femininity and how you taught me that it was ok to embrace it. My blog is I was hoping you would share with me again what we said. I at least want to do you the honor of getting it right. The post is even named after you. I'm not trying to steal material, it's just a post about being ok with your femininity.

I live in the Bible Belt and were told from day one basically to cover it. I'm not talking about the way we dress. I'm talking about just being, because they're afraid we'll cross a boundary. I would really appreciate it. If not, no worries. I'll do the best I can to do it and you justice!

Thank you for all you give Edie! You're loved by many!


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