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Thread: Cha Cha Cha, why is it lazy on 1

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    Cha Cha Cha, why is it lazy on 1

    I have been dancing salsa awhile. A female teacher that I enjoy leading me salsa, it's hard for us guys to find women who is good at leading and happy to lead. Anyway she wanted me to lead her a Cha Cha dance, we had danced a few dances, and I had even followed my first bachata as a follower with her that evening, we know each other for quite awhile, and when we concluded listening to the Cha Cha music she wanted to dance it on2 and I prefered on1 we decided not to dance without it mattering, it was not a big issue but she was quite clear that on2 was always correct.

    I have had a few girls insist on it danced on2 despite my protests that I prefer another timing.

    I can dance Cha Cha on2 but probably not creatively and I would probably have to pay attention, I have been forced to dance Cha Cha on2 and as long as the girl is sure of the beat I can back lead fine probably without her noticing, but for me sometimes it feels wrong other times not. Much prefer dancing it on1 because it is often a cuban salsa Cha Cha, and I can mix between slow salsa and cha cha and play creatively around quite a bit, so for me it feels natural and easy.

    But googling and talking with a teacher it turns out that all ballroom dancers dance on2 and cuban dancers dance on 1 or mostly on 2 depending on music ( and probably thier mood! ). In general another teachers has told me that dancing on 1 to Cha Cha ( Cha ) is lazy, I found out in some research it is also in it's non ball room persona called cha cha cha and there is a on1 version which should actually have another name.

    Maybe I should stop dancing most Cha Cha Cha on 1 (when I can get away with it) - if that is the rule but I don't see why it is lazy. I hear it is common that Cha Cha Cha is danced on1 in LA but not really elsewhere, maybe my preference for on1 Cha Cha Cha was due to a lesson with Edie in London many years back but more likely she taught it on2 and I have just been bad and just gone for the option I feel - is that lazy?

    Why is that Lazy.



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    I think people think it's "Lazy" because it takes "time" to figure out how to dance On2 - OR... they do not understand that there is "Dancing On2" period. Some people never get to learn to dance On2, so when they convert from On1 to On2, it is very difficult. However, there are some people who never got a chance to dance On1 - they learned On2 from the very beginning! So when they dance Cha Cha, it is very natural to dance it On2, whether going forward on the "2" (Ballroom or Razz M Tazz style), or going forward on the "6", NY nightclub style.

    So people who are saying dancing Cha Cha On1 are "lazy" fail to realize that a LOT of folks DON'T KNOW HOW to dance On2 or worse, have never been exposed to On2 dancing. To call someone like this "Lazy" is simply ignorance on their part. They just need education. That's all.

    In Cuba, they dance on whatever count they want. Seriously. The woman determines what count the couple will be on. They could be on the 1, the 2, the 3, the 5, ... you name it. They own this dance, so it's their prerogative. .

    Hope that helps!
    Keep Dancing!!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

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