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    I'll never forget this story.

    OK. Luis Vazquez and his ex Joby were performing once. This was a LONG time ago, but it was still the words from his mouth. Apparently Joby had to safety-pin her outfit up behind her neck, cuz the snap broke or something.

    During the show, Luis did a neck drop - this involves the guy taking his hand and grabbing the back of her neck (where the safety pin was) and then doing this jaw-dropping dip. You just gotta see it. I'll see if I can find a video someplace here online. ANYWAYS... when he grabbed the back of her neck, the safety pin OPENED UP and STABBED HIS HAND.

    Of course, Luis being Mr. Machismo himself couldn't do anything in the middle of the show other than GRIT HIS TEETH, SMILE AND BEAR IT. LOL!!

    AND THEN... get this, WHAT WAS WORSE, was that it was a "DOUBLE" NECK DROP - so he had to grab her neck AGAIN, in the SAME PLACE and it STABBED HIS HAND AGAIN!!! omg, I died laughing.

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      That is Hysterical! I remember Luis telling me that story as well. What a memory!
      - Francisco
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