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Introducing: Salsa STEALING!


  • Introducing: Salsa STEALING!

    Salsa dancers!!

    In a few weeks, on Sunday, March 18th to be exact, we're holding the world's first (as far as we know) Salsa STEALING workshop!

    What IS Salsa Stealing, you ask?

    It's the smooth, seamless transition of a man assuming control of a dance that his buddy already has going. This takes place via the coordination of the two men, unknowingly to the woman, and she has NO IDEA how much she's going to LOVE IT when it happens.

    Mark Reagan and myself tripped over this idea while taking Edie's Musicality workshop, and asked about the idea during one of the breaks. What started with 3 of us men working with Edie turned into the entire class trying to figure out, and we spent the last hour and a half of the workshop practicing these few moves we came up with. We liked it so much that I told Mark "Dude, we have to go dancing TONIGHT...", and we literally stole EVERY woman that we asked to dance from each other for the ENTIRE NIGHT. We couldn't believe the positive responses that we were getting!

    I had no idea that things would turn out like this, but the women find it exhilarating! They love the shock and awe that they experience when they get whisked away by another guy in the middle of the song. Why? It makes them feel like they're in the center spotlight, and SO DESIRABLE that TWO MEN are fighting over dancing with her! Women typically learn what a guy's general patterns are, and she has to switch that up in the middle of the song, which also presents a new challenge!


    Mark and I have come up with over 60 techniques on how to steal. He and I have gotten together with our good friend Sarah Jackson to practice and perfect these steals. The basic elements of a steal include:
    • Coordination with you and your wingman so that you know exactly what move you're going to execute.
    • Timing it so that the dance NEVER stops. As far as the woman is concerned, it's a SEAMLESS transition.
    • Rolling with the woman's momentum - it's seamless because she doesn't have to stop, change direction, or deviate from her natural rhythm.
    • Taking her breath away. If she's going to remember any dance from her night out, this is likely gonna be the one. (Yes, this means that she'll remember YOU.)

    At first, I couldn't believe that we were actually pulling these moves off successfully. The more we got a kick out of it, the more the woman got a kick out of it. Once we got used to stealing, we initially got a bit of an ego stroke because we were successful - but the true takeaway from stealing was realizing that we were able to create a new type of dance experience that NO ONE ELSE is currently doing on the dance floor (at least in Colorado, and this is quite different from switching out Rueda style)!

    By no means are we the first guys to come up with this concept, as it's been done all over the place (especially LA), but it appears that we're the first guys who have come up with a solid base of moves, and organized it into a workshop and TWO volumes of DVDs that are about to be released!

    I'm currently working on a website and posting some video clips so that you can watch and see how things go down - if you're in the Denver area in a few weeks, we'd love to see you at our workshop! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


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