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Are You Kissable?


  • Are You Kissable?

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    In order to be danceable you must be kissable.

    I have lost count of how many girls I have danced with who are sporting body odor and/or bad breath.

    We all have our moments of being unorganized but our dance partners appreciate it when we:
    • brush our teeth
    • use an appropriate dose of deodorant
    • wash our hands when visiting the bathroom
    • wear fresh clean clothes that don't have that not-quite dried smell

    Most dancers I know tend to leave at least one pair of dance shoes in their car all the time. Why not add to that a small bag containing toothbrush, toothpaste, a can of deodorant, hand sanitizer and a clean change of clothes.

    Another tip: Wash or sanitize your hands when you leave dancing to help reduce your chances of picking up colds and flus. I also take a Vitamin C, Garlic & Horseradish tablet every day, which seems to boost my immune system and fight off nasties.


    James “The Little Gringo” Quinn-Hawtin has been teaching and performing Rio-style Zouk-Lambada since January 2009. He is credited by his loyal students as being fun, clear, cheeky, patient, passionate and surprising, always sharing his latest learnings from his masters Aliison & Audrey (Perth), Kadu & Larissa (Brisbane), Alex de Carvalho & Daniela (Rio de Janeiro), Adilio Porto (Rio de Janeiro) and Pasty (Amsterdam).* He is currently teaching at Latin Energy in Brisbane, Australia and will be returning to Malaysia and Vietnam later this year to spread the Zouk love in South-East Asia.

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