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Having a syllabus is important


  • Having a syllabus is important

    When I took my first dance lesson, the instructor was just pulling moves out of a hat. No structure, no organization. After two months of this we would repeat the basics because new people jumped in. He never accommodated for that. I went to another instructor that did much better but sitll didn't have a syllabus.

    Before I started teaching, I asked myself "What should I teach?, Where should I begin?" The answers came and I started to write down what would a beginner (absolute beginner) NEED. Not what I wanted to teach. What would that beginner need so the he/she would enjoy the dance to the fullest and to produce a good social dancer?

    I thought of a house. Where do you start when you want to build a house? Plans! You have to have the written plans on what to do. You then start pouring the foundation, then the other steps to build that house.
    Learning how to dance well NEEDS to follow the same concept. There has to be guidelines to follow. These are the steps that will take you from ZERO to hopefully really good. A SYLLABUS IS THE ANSWER. The syllabus must be clear and progressive. It is a methodical way to teach. It gives the students a clear direction as where they need to go. It helps them know what they need to achieve to move up to the next level.

    A well laid out syllabus combined with patience from the instructor and of course great instruction will help the student achieve better results as opposed to someone who has no clue what he or she will be teaching from class to class. Consistency goes a long way. Having a great foundation will make you a much better dancer. This is really effective in a dance studio environment.

    Enjoy dancing! See you on the dance floor!

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