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Happy Scene, Happy Dancers


  • Happy Scene, Happy Dancers

    Who wants the dancing scene to be a healthy one where we all feel comfortable and happy? I do, I do!

    Our community can flourish or flounder, depending on our attitude. So, to keep the local (and international) dancing scene a positive and vibrant one...

    Be friendly: Say hi! A simple acknowledgment to your fellow dancers brings a warm energy into the room.

    Be supportive: If you want people to support your initiative, make sure you demonstrate your appreciation. You may also want to consider sending back some love by supporting the endeavors of others. And by others, I don't mean only those who you have a business partnership with. Don't forget about your past and present supporters who may have some achievement outside of dance that you can encourage. Let's share the love and be the definition of the word "community."

    Be secure: There will always be another club, event or school…there will always be strong competitors or performers among you...there will always be great dancers sharing the floor with you…Be secure with what you offer and focus on you. Be the best you can be and all will be fine.

    Be open-minded: Mingle! Interact with others. Step out of your comfort zone. Dance with someone new. Try a different genre. Check out classes, socials, club nights and events that you have skipped in the past… being open and accepting of change can lead to wonderful things.

    Be understanding: Social dancers can’t be at every party. We do our best to show our support to as many as we can, but understand we also need balance with other activities or commitments (plus, our families and friends outside of the scene miss us, too).

    Be real: Cheers to those who don’t offer false friendship to make a quick buck.

    And remember: Inflated egos are not attractive; a gracious attitude is.

    Also, don’t forget: Always give good and hot bachata…Ok, that last point was specific to me, but guys, take note LOL

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