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How to Lead: Splitting Up Your Power


  • How to Lead: Splitting Up Your Power

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    Black Belt Salsa Leading Technique:

    "He's too rough..."
    "He feel like he's poking me...."
    "My arm just went out of socket dancing with that guy..."
    "I feel like he is just "arms"...."
    "He has no feeling when he leads me...."
    "It's only about 'the moves' with him... I just don't feel 'HIM'".

    These are just a fraction of comments I've heard from women over the years. Hopefully this video will explain what is going on, and how you, as a Leaders should "Split up" 100% of your lead into many fragments.


    Please use your BBS Websites for Help, Guidelines, Stuff to Sell / Buy, Meetings, etc.

    Please pass out "Scotty" to all of your students before class for their pockets (to reference move "names" at the nightclubs).
    Reference "Mr. Spock" for written details of what to teach and what to expect.
    Reference "Capt. Kirk" for the summary overview of every day.

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      You know what Edie? When you are breaking down the lead like you do in your DVDs, I am in love with you!
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