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You Never Know Who You Are Dancing With


  • You Never Know Who You're Dancing With

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    You never know who you are dancing with.

    Kevin Hollingsworth is a Los Angeles Salsero who recently sent me his Poetry book.
    I was stunned at his words.

    Kevin's deep appreciation for "women" is so evident in this short, 30-Page book of Poetry and Thoughts.
    When I read it, I "knew" this was a book for my library.

    Ladies, if you don't feel very appreciated, keep this gem of words at your bedside.

    Kevin's words brings back "Belief and Hope" that there "are indeed" men out there with romance deep within their hearts.

    At times, I can feel that deep love and appreciation from my partner(s) on the dance floor. Some call it "clicking", some call it "a fix", some call it "chemistry". Whatever you call it, when it hits you, think of the words of this book, written by a dancer, with a love for women he expresses that "every man" has felt, and longs to feel again. Kevin's talent is being able to express what most men feel into words.

    Not all men are God-Given Poets like Kevin. Find what "is good" in that person you are attracted to, and interpret THAT into their love and appreciation for you. Find the "good" in all things, and your life will change. You will never forget your past, but look at it with a renewed sense of "Lessons Learned". This simple Book gives us hope again, and sings to our hearts.

    Many of us have been deeply scarred by a lovers in our past. Sometimes they only see "The Tip of Our Icebergs" at the Salsa clubs.

    Just from the story titles in the book, you will feel a renewed sense of "Faith and Hope" that the love of your life is out there, being prepared JUST for you:

    • American Princess
    • Her Name Was Lovely
    • Cupid's Love Song
    • Death and Marriage
    • Hatred Has No Place Here
    • If I Could Sing
    • Elegance,
    • He Said Goodby My Love
    • Alone
    • Compassion
    • Love...

    "Romance, with a Touch of Love..." is a bedside book that shows us there is indeed "hope" for a new love, a new day, and a new life. Kevin's words are filled with the Fantasy we all seek, and speak to our hearts.
    Romance, with a Touch of Love... is written by a Los Angeles Salsero who has put into words, what most men feel, but cannot express.

    If you ever get the incredible opportunity to be in his arms ladies, "LIVE" IN THAT MOMENT!!! Now HERE is a Salsero LADIES ... who truly appreciates you.


    Happy Dancing!!
    Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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