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    The Latin dance scene is a great little gossip factory, isn't it? Every instructor, performer, organiser and enthusiast has had to deal with gossip.

    Please, if you hear something about another that seems negative, try to resist the temptation to spread it and, instead, ask that person how much of the story is true. Often some of it is true, much of it is wildly exaggerated for the sake of a good tale, and the remainder is completely made up (sometimes by accident due to the Chinese Whispers effect).

    It always gets back to that person and I've learned - the hard way - to keep my trap shut unless I have something nice to say. And I've also heard some wonderfully creative stories about me over the years but so far only a couple of people have ever had the guts to ask me if the story they've heard is true.

    Maybe it's just more fun or comfortable to sit in judgement without having to hear the other side of the story?

    So I invite you, if you've heard anything about me - or happen to hear anything in the future - that worries you, by all means ask me how much of it is true and get my side of the story.

    Honestly, I've had lots of interesting ups and downs that surely make good stories! I have: broken hearts; had my heart broken; sworn I'd never date another dancer; dated another dancer(!); had flings; fallen madly in love; deluded myself into thinking I'd found 'the one'; been cheated on; been betrayed; made seemingly catastrophic mistakes; looked over a balcony railing and considered jumping; raised money for good causes; made a complete idiot of myself; made some great friends all over the world; caused waves; been deported; worked hard; come home, from teaching/promoting Zouk internationally, completely broke (every time actually!); been deeply hurt by attempts to sabotage me; achieved amazing things. I'm an open book, so ask. In fact, my perspective might even be more interesting than what you've heard!

    So whether it's about me or anyone else, please do try to resist the temptation to gossip (or sit in silent judgement!) and, instead, ask their side of the story. Otherwise, I'll see you guys on the dance floor. Much love

    -- James "The Little Gringo" Quinn-Hawtin

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