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Preparing for a Salsa Cruise!!


  • Preparing for a Salsa Cruise!!

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    This article is constantly being updated,
    so log in frequently to read more info to come!! - Edie

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    Preparing for a Dance Cruise!!

    Going on a Dance Cruise?
    Here's the SCOOP:
    The "Who, What, Where, When, and How" of Dance Cruising!!

    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    I've taught and performed on almost 30 different cruises. Cruises are a BLAST!!!
    But if you aren't prepared mentally, physically, and financially, they could end up being an absolute nightmare. áo jeckets nam

    Here's what to expect, and what to look out for.

    1. I forgot my dance shoes!! Don't expect there to be dance shoes for sale on the boat. Buy them before, and bring several pairs!

    2. All my nice clothes got WET!! Sometimes luggage is accidentally left outside IN THE RAIN before it gets to your cabin. SUCH the drag when all your clothes are wet and end up SMELLING LIKE MILDEW on the dance floor. (Been there, done that...)áo jeckets nam

    Pack each outfit, both day outfit(s) and night outfit(s) in separate 1-gallon-size plastic, zip-lock bags.
    The following should be packed and ROLLED - not folded - in every bag:
    • Pants / skirt
    • Shirt
    • underwear
    • socks
    • earings / jewelry
    Shoes: Pack your shoes separately, but also in gallon zip-lock clear bags.

    Swimsuits: Ladies, just like dance outfits, I always brought a different bikini for every day, including a bikini wrap for every day as well. If there is dancing by the pool, bring dance shoes that have hard leather bottoms or hard plastic, as your suede bottoms will get torn up from the rough pavement by the pool. It's next to impossible to dance barefoot (hurts), and next to impossible to dance in pool foot thongs. áo jeckets nam

    Ladies, avoid at all costs, wearing a butt thong. Just... don't. Only the world's top models and bodybuilders look good in those things. Ladies, don't think your ass is all "that". No matter how much you think it is... It isn't, trust me. áo jeckets nam

    Sunglasses and Hats: A "Must". Hats are also stylish and cool on shore.

    A light sweater / wind breaker: You will be surprised at how cold and rainy some nights can be on a cruise you "thought" was going to be blistering hot.

    Sunscreen: Duh.

    Passport: Double Duh. You may end up on an island where you need a passport.

    3. Protect your feet out there!! There is nothing worse than stepping on glass your first day on shore, and screwing up your entire dance weekend cuz your foot is cut up. Buy scuba booties BEFORE you go, and wear them in the beach water on shore INSTEAD of foot thongs. They save your feet from glass on the beaches. Click image for larger version

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    4. Music in your Room Bring speakers that connect to your iPod! The only music you get in your room is from your television set. There are no radios on board. I usually bring a couple of my High-End Bose speakers that fit neatly into my luggage and plug into my laptop. This saved one cruise I was on, when the DJ's speakers broke, and they ended up using mine for the party that night!! It was AWESOME!!

    5. Bring money for the mandatory tip! You must tip your service hosts at the end of the cruise. They usually like cash. . Every cruise has their recommended percentages, so you don't have to worry about giving too much or too little.

    6. Laundry Most cruises have a laundry / dry cleaning service, but they are expensive. If you need something ironed, they can do it, but I normally hang whatever I need "steam-ironed" outside my shower when I take a VERY hot shower.

    7. That fabulous, ferocious FOOD! All the food is inclusive (free) - be careful not to eat too much! Pace yourself. Make a fist with your hand. If what you eat is larger than your fist, put it back. It will be there later, or the next day.
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    You will see people stuffing / gorging themselves on cruise ships, then regretting it later when they can't dance or perform from "over BLOATation". Their stomachs look BLOATED when they try to put on that formerly HOT outfit later that night. I've known performers who took too many laxatives and/or ended up vomiting all their food in order to perform that night. Pretty disgusting. I try to keep a relatively high-protein, low-carb diet on cruises. I eat small meals, frequently. About 5 or 6 times a day. The protein satiates me so I don't get hungry, and my energy is sustained for all-day shore activities and all-night dancing and performing.

    8. Going with your significant other? Dancers (especially Latinos) carry a ton of PASSION with them. In fact, I think they make extra space in their luggage specifically for PASSION.

    If your significant other wants you all to themselves, and is super jealous, leave them at home, and go alone. It is a 'FREE FOR ALL' out there on the dance floor. If they want to go to the cabin, let them go but don't expect to have to go with them. They should understand that if they are tired, it does not mean that YOU are tired. They need to give you your freedom to party all day and all night till you can't anymore. Trying to control your significant other on a dance cruise is like stopping ocean tides. You can't control another person and their actions. It's impossible without a fight or an argument. If YOU are tired, encourage your significant other to stay all night dancing with OTHER PEOPLE, while YOU go to the cabin. Don't force them to do everything you do. It's not fair to them, and it's not fair to you. Simply let each other be free. I've had my share of jealousy and controlling boyfriends that prohibited me from having a great time. Dancing is an expression of FREEDOM. Let it be. Let THEM be FREE. You will find, that when you let them do what they need to do, they will come back to you, and let you do the same as well. Controlling OCD significant others end up hurting each other, breaking up, getting arrested, or worse, killing each other on dance cruise lines.

    9. Other Dancers, Other Cliques Don't only dance with your group of friends! Meet and greet other cruisers! Learn their styles, learn their cultures, and WELCOME their ideas and moves with open minds and open arms!! Dance with as many different people as possible. I could never stand the separation and group "cliques" on board cruises; where guys would ONLY dance with their dance partners because all their moves were unleadable to outsiders. That REALLY used to piss me off. If you are a world class dancer, PROVE IT, by executing your moves with ANYONE you dance with, without breaking their arms.

    10. Alcohol For some reason the affects of alcohol are magnified by an order of magnitude on cruise ships. Maybe it's the swaying of the ship, the sea, the heat, the sun, or just simply letting go and getting a chance to finally relax. BEWARE. I've seen awesome dancers drink a bit too much and you end up not seeing them for a few days. THEY GET SO SICK and dehydrated (they drank Seagrams instead of water), and end up missing a lot of really cool events and dancing because they are throwing up in their cabin. Be aware, that if you want to dance, have fun, be a fun person with your group, and most of all, have ENERGY to dance all night, you MUST watch your alcohol intake. Drink LOTS of water.

    11. Cruise Schedule Be SURE to check the schedule the promoter puts out. Some cruises have "Theme Nights". I was once on a cruise where one night was an "all white" night, where everyone was wearing only "white" clothes... all I had was black (as usual). When I walked in the dance room, a woman came up to me and said, "Obviously, you didn't get the memo..." I was the ONLY person not in white. .( I felt REALLY stupid, and out-of-place.

    12. SUPER fun stuff to do on shore. Cruises stop at various islands for touring and activities. Be sure to budget for that! I've done everything from dancing with dolphins to wind surfing, to para sailing, to jet skiing on islands all over the world! Don't just stay on the ship! Go out, explore, and ADVENTURE! CREATE MEMORIES!! This may be the only chance you get to swim with a whale!!!

    13. Money - Bring credit and debit cards instead of converting to that country's currency. You lose more on the exchange rate than your bank charges in Foreign Exchange fees.

    14. Parties - DJ's take bribes to play your favorite music. I usually slip them a $10, sometimes a $20. If the music sucks, the cruise sucks. Bottom line. Bring your ipod full of YOUR preferred awesome music and ask them (pay them) to play it.

    15. Advice for Performers / Artists: Aside from watching your waistline, I recommend you use cruises to RELAX AND RECOVER from all your weekends away from home. I would use the cruises I went on every year to RESTORE MY BODY from all that dancing and performing all the time! Most have GREAT SPAS on board!! I've spent DAYS in those spas, getting everything from body-wraps to massages, to my hair and nails done to weird treatments and aroma-therapy! I would then go to my cabin (usually in the steerage department, deepest darkest cabins in the ship, no windows... etc..) to CATCH UP ON SLEEP!! Flying 30 to 40 hours a week in an airplane can get to you after a while, so I used the days to sleep in some of the darkest pits of cruise ships on the planet. They are literally ALL BLACKED OUT except for the light from the cracks of the door. I would stick in my ear plugs, and the boat would quietly and peacefully rock me to sleep. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

    PERFORMMmmmmmmingggggg. Performing. Your routines and spins won't always... work out! The rocking, and swaying of the ship - especially in high-seas can completely wreck your routines. You'll see. Rehearsals will take twice as long, and your shows (if not docked) will be a bit NERVE-WRACKING to say the least! One time, the entire week, the boat was swaying, and rocking, and tilting EVERYWHERE!!! Our rehearsals were a nightmare, and when I came down to showtime, we were STILL ROCKING... what was the KILLER, was that we were so used to this rocking back and forth all week, that by the time we did the show, we "thought" we were still rocking and swaying, and blamed our horrible performances on the boat, when in REALITY... THE BOAT WAS DOCKED AND NOT MOVING.



    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!


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