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Salsa is a social event


  • Salsa is a social event

    Salsa, by it's very nature is a social dance; a social event. We go out to enjoy the music, the club, the movement, our dance partners. So it always saddens me when I see gentlemen out there monopolizing the same lady over several dances. I can understand the pleasure of dancing with an amazing partner, I have my regular partners that I know I can always get a good dance from. But I know that there are always other ladies there that want to dance as well. And the ladies want to dance with other gentlemen too. They like the variety as much as we do.

    It was very common during Victorian times that when a couple went to a social dance, they would never dance with their significant others. I would be considered rude for them to dance with each other. If they wanted to dance with each other, they would just stay at home. The whole point of the event was to socialize with their friends and neighbors.

    And this brings up another issue, gentlemen who attempt to “teach” his partner on the dance floor during a social. This is not only rude, but arrogant. The gentleman assumes that he is the end all of Salsa and if the lady would just follow his lead everyone would focus on him. And I frequently see that the guys who attempt to teach the ladies are not the strongest dancers out there. We are all at different levels and it is the gentleman's responsibility to adjust his lead to his partner. There is a time and a place for teaching and learning; classes, private lessons, rehearsals, not on the social floor. We are out there to enjoy each other's company,

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