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Johnny Vazquez and his Brothers...


  • Johnny Vazquez and his Brothers...

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    Johnny Vazquez is the Salsa Prince all over the WORLD!!! He's an AWESOME guy as well. I've always loved his personality and his absolute professionalism.

    One of his first nights dancing, was at the Sportsman's Lodge in Los Angeles, his mom was there. She came up to me and asked, "Edie, PLEASE dance with my son." I told her, "I have been!", "No, no, no... not Luis, but my other son, Johnny". I looked over at this "child" trying to lead this poor woman with a scouling face. I asked his mom why, and she responded with hesitation ... "... Look at him....". omg. He was about 17 or 18 years old, long stringy hair, messed up teeth, and was floundering around with his steps trying anything he could to lead a "not so happy" dance partner. I walked up to him, asked his eager smiling face to dance, and without knowing a word of English, he responded "Si, Si!!" I held his hand, and helped him learn his very first basic steps.

    He probably forgot that night, but that is one night I will NEVER forget. Why? Because after that he moved in with his brother
    Francisco Vazquez, and three WEEKS later he was TEARING FLOORS IN HALF all over Los Angeles. People could NOT BELIEVE how GREAT he became in less than a month!!! Everyone was in shock. I believe he won his first major competition within a few months with Olivia Daso... he has been absolute WORLDWIDE HISTORY ever since!!!

    He and his brothers DEFINED and CEMENTED Los Angeles style in many many ways. I personally believe, that they are the REASON Salsa literally EXPLODED in the early 90's up until today. They added that extra FLAIR, SPINS, and PASSION to a once boring dance. They took the Nicolas Brothers, Fred Estaire, and Michael Jackson, and PUT IT ALL IN SALSA. They took Los Angeles by SHOCK and eventually the world BY STORM. They indeed were the SPARK that lit the BLAZING FIRE of this now INCREDIBLE dance to heights unimaginable. My hat goes of to the Vazquez brothers with the upmost respect. If it wasn't for Luis, I would not be here today. If it wasn't for that family, Salsa would NEVER be where it is at today. And THAT is the COMPLETE TRUTH. That is just ONE of MANY "Vazquez" stories of years gone by... many, many many!!

    We love you!!!

    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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