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How to Find Salsa Clubs


  • How to Find Salsa Clubs

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    How I find Salsa Clubs out of town...
    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Every city I visit I research the Internet for local Salsa clubs. If I can't find any in that town, this is what I do. .... I get online and search for all the local "Mexican Restaurants" - better yet, Cuban and Puerto Rican food, (if there are any..), and give them a call. Then, I ask to speak to a Spanish-speaking waiter. I then stumble through my own Spanish, and ask if he knows of any Salsa Clubs in town!!


    You need to try it. This "club finding" method really, really works. I've found more places this way than the Internet! Besides, if you look-up "Salsa" in the Yellow pages, you get "Picante" or some stupid, frustrating reference. I can't believe "Salsa" is so underground. Nobody knows about it that I know - other than my Salsa buds that I meet at clubs!

    AND THEN.... Use to find the place FAST from where you're showering before you get there!!! is a great site that gives you complete street directions from any two places in the COUNTRY, very well written, driving times, distances, streets, etc, within seconds!!!!

    I hope this information is useful to everyone out there who dances Salsa out of town!!! Let me know your comments or any other suggestions you have we can all share!

    Happy Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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      "Dear Edie,
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