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Need to Study Moves, but Don't have a Partner?


  • Need to Study Moves, but Don't have a Partner?

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    Guys Corner:

    If you don't have a partner, are alone, and need to practice your moves...

    "Create" a Partner:

    • Practice with who ever is around. Sister, mother, teacher, friend, big rag doll, big dog, cat...
    • Use a swinging door to practice hand and body placement.
    • Use the door knob as one of the girl's hands, and practice your cross-body leads.
    • Swing the door to the left as you would move a woman's body.
    • Use a wall to practice your arm and body tension against the woman.
    • Drape a pair of pant legs over a chair, and pretend the legs are her arms. (Best #5 connection EVER!!)

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    • Practice with the corners of a towel. Pretend the towel corners are the girl's hands and arms.
    • Practice with a rope, belt, or men's tie. Wrap the rope once around a pole or banister, leave it at just below eye level. Use the ends as the woman's hands and maneuver them through your moves.
    • Use a long pillow, with a grapefruit tied at the end to represent the approximate weight and feel of a woman's head. Great for practicing your dips!!

    • If your instructor lets you, videotape your private lesson and go thru the motions with a broom.
    • Use a mirror whenever possible.
    • Buy a blow-up doll and use her.... (to practice your dancing moves...)

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    Nothing however, beats the real thing - a real woman - ANY day.
    Go to the nightclubs as often as you can, find a person you "chemistry" with, and just start learning together!

    This is how most of us ended up learning.
    ... with "fun, happy" (non-intimidating) "normal" women!

    Happy Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

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