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SEO Strategies for Dancers


  • SEO Strategies for Dancers

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    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    "Roll Up Your Sleeves" Time-Consuming RESEARCH is what will always win the end.

    What I've realized is there are a LOT of brand new businesses touting "We are SEO Pro's" - "Come buy my SEO product..." . Yes, these "tech people" are making a TON of money on how they "assume" Google operates. I got swept up into all their promises as well - BIG time - why? Because I didn't have time do my research - I was too busy DANCING. .

    The COST of education is expensive, but the LACK of education is many times more. Just beware of "handing over" your precious SEO to just any "Joe-Tech-Guy". It really pays to take the time to research enough about SEO to know if someone is bull-****ting you or not. I lost my over 15 years of "Number One" Google rankings in a MAJOR way because I trusted someone who didn't know what they were doing. Now, I am basically starting over... from scratch.

    My recommendation is this. Chasing what Google decides this month... is like chasing the wind.

    Stick to good ole' fashioned research, blogging, and hard work.

    What SEO boils down to, is valid quality linkbacks and VERY vertical market specialization, comprehensive un-copied, nor "spun" QUALITY content. This will ALWAYS be first and foremost.

    In other words, think "slow moving, but steady turtle" thoughts when it comes to preparing your site for SEO. Only "then" will Google recognize and rank you "worthy" of your blood, sweat and tears.

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    To start your research, I suggest you get up from your long night of Salsa dancing, curl up with that warm Starbucks, huddle in front of your loving laptop, and watch every single Google Webmaster Help Youtube video. Then memorize the entire Google Webmaster Online Guidelines, sign up and memorize Yaro Starak's Blog Mastermind Course, then watch the last 2 years worth of Matt Cutts videos.

    (click here to download one of the best and most thorough SEO Blueprints I've ever read )

    Let me know if you don't have time for all of the above, and we can work something out.

    See you in the Forums!!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

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