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    Thanks to the incredible leadership of Dragos and Raluca of Romania, they have chosen the highest level of Salsa for their students to learn.
    “These are not my students… I am simply their Teacher.”

    Dragos says of his philosophy of teaching. He knows and understands the Secret of success. He knows the value of quality teaching and never holding anything back – his philosophy is simple: Teach and give away as much as you know, so you can receive more. This is why people wait in line to take his classes. He actually has to turn people down when registering – just too many. A nice problem to have for most of the dance world – a REAL issue for Dragos!

    He’s taken responsibility for bringing Romania to the forefront of the Salsa world, one step at a time. The level of respect people have for him is extraordinary. I’ll be teaching the secrets of their studio success at my online Dance Business Management webinar open to everyone who wants to listen... all over the world.

    Happy Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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