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  • Just Wanna Say "No"

    Just Wanna Say "No"

    Hi Edie, I am wondering what the etiquette is for when a man asks you to dance 3-4 times in one night and you don't enjoy dancing with him. I am trying to learn by dancing with different men and do not enjoy dancing more than once with this particular person but he keeps asking me and I keep politely saying yes. I am always grateful to be asked to dance but isn't there a time when I can say no? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
    - Just wanna say "no".
    Dear Just wanna say "no"... I run into this A LOT. And yes, it's great to dance with as many different people as possible. But if there is one person that is SUPER consistent, and is ALWAYS asking you, it's OK to say ...
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  • Preparing for a Salsa Cruise!!

    Preparing for a Salsa Cruise!!

    This article is constantly being updated,
    so log in frequently to read more info to come!! - Edie

    Get $50 off if you register for the Aventura Dance Cruise this week!
    Promo code: Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Preparing for a Dance Cruise!!

    Going on a Dance Cruise?
    Here's the SCOOP:
    The "Who, What, Where, When, and How" of Dance Cruising!!

    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    I've taught and performed on almost 30 different cruises. Cruises are a BLAST!!!
    But if you aren't prepared mentally, physically, and financially, they could end up being an absolute nightmare. áo jeckets nam

    Here's what to expect, and what to look out for.

    1. I forgot my dance shoes!! Don't expect there to be dance shoes for sale on the boat. Buy them before, and bring several pairs!

    2. All my nice clothes got WET!! Sometimes luggage is accidentally left outside IN THE RAIN before it gets to your cabin. SUCH the drag when all your clothes...
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  • How to get the most from instructional DVDs

    How to get the most from instructional DVDs

    Click here for Salsa Cruise Prep Article...


    So, you've bought the latest DVD from your favourite dance instructor. You've put it on your desk or on your shelf and tell yourself that you'll get to it when you have a spare moment.

    Now what? Well, for a lot of people, the DVD case gathers dust and that's the end of the story. For others, they watch some of the DVD. Fewer still actually learn the moves and practice them diligently. One of the reasons why people buy instructional DVDs but don't watch and p...
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  • How to introduce Zouk-Lambada to your city or country

    How to introduce Zouk-Lambada to your city or country

    Therese Lefebure plus 99 other dancers performing the 2013 International Zouk Flash Mob choreography in Brisbane

    This article is available in English and Vietnamese (scroll down) By James Quinn-Hawtin Vietnamese translation by Thoa Nguyen During a recent interview I was asked how someone might go about getting into dancing Zouk-Lambada. In the moment I thought it was an odd question. Surely one would simply go to a Zouk dance class? But what if one wanted to be a Zouk dancer yet lived in a part of the world where there was no Zouk? (Oh no!) Perhaps you have seen the beautiful, sensual Brazilian dance style that is Zouk-Lambada and would like to in...
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  • The Gossip Factory

    The Gossip Factory

    The Latin dance scene is a great little gossip factory, isn't it? Every instructor, performer, organiser and enthusiast has had to deal with gossip. Please, if you hear something about another that seems negative, try to resist the temptation to spread it and, instead, ask that person how much of the story is true. Often some of it is true, much of it is wildly exaggerated for the sake of a good tale, and the remainder is completely made up (sometimes by accident due to the Chinese Whispers effect). It always gets back to that person and I've learned - the hard way - to keep ...
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  • Create an Article Right Here at!

    Create an Article Right Here at!

    Create your own article - with free linkbacks to your site!!!

    Feel free to create a small article about your dance experiences, your business, or your self!!
    You may add a free link back to your website!

    Compliments of Dancer The website built by dancers, for dancers!!!

    Happy Dancing!!

    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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  • Help Support Dancer Hangout

    Help Support Dancer Hangout

    Your Name

    If you laughed, cried, or found useful info on our site, encourage us to write more articles and help us pay our site bills with your DONATION of $5, $10, $150, or more!
    We could REALLY use YOUR financial help and encouragement!
    Thank you very much advance!

    Your Tax-Deductible Donation will get you listed on the site as one of our "Dancer Hangout Partners!"

    Your donations will help us in the following ways...
    1. Pay the site
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  • Dancing with a Lioness

    Dancing with a Lioness

    Note: This article has been translated into Japanese and Vietnamese! (scroll down)

    Authored by James "The Little Gringo" Quinn-Hawtin
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    Solange Dias dancing with her husband Joseph Koniak-Collis

    Dancing with a Lioness Hands down, one of the most intense dances I have ever had was with Zouk-Lambada legend Solange Dias when she visited Brisbane in 2012 for the Brazil Central congress. Dancing with someone so experienced and famous should have sparked feelings of nerve-wrecking doubt and absolute uncertainty of my own abilities as a dancer. And yet, it didn't. I was in my element: empowered with the certainty and intensity that Solange herself effortlessly exuded. All the while, I was deeply connected to her, the music and to our environment. I talk a lot about the concept of Emotional Connection in dance an...
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  • How to get back your dance mojo

    How to get back your dance mojo

    ** Now in English and Vietnamese ... Scroll down for Vietnamese translation **

    This is me dancing with my dance partner, Mari. Photo by Alex James Jackson.

    How do you get back lost dance "mojo"?

    I received this message from a guy today:
    "… it seems that i've lost my Zouk Mojo and i don't feel connected in a dance anymore. I am not sure why this has happened and would like to fix this problem or at least know how to get it back.

    … It been a while since i've really been connected in a dance and i can't really pull it off no more, it would be much appreciated if you could give me a few tips on how i could achieve this and start to enjoy my dances again?"

    What an awesome question and, girls, how cool is it that this guy cares enough to do some research and ask some questions to improve the connection with YOU?

    Without knowing too much about his personality, experience or situation, I can really only talk about my own experiences and hope that it helps.

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  • My promise to my students

    My promise to my students

    Watching, from the edge of the stage, my Zouk choreography being practiced at So You Think You Can Dance Vietnam 'I am determined that my students will be better dancers than I ever will be. They will be invited to perform and teach at congresses that I never will. They will choreograph for TV shows and open schools around the world. And when they achieve these things I WILL BE THERE CHEERING THEM ON. When they surpass me in any area I will ask them to teach me how they did it. Leonardo da Vinci said: "Pity the student who does no...
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