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  • Teaching is my bliss

    Teaching is my bliss

    So it turns out that teaching is my bliss. I've noticed that whenever I teach Zouk I go home with a big goofy grin on my face. Who would have thought that a kid who needed elocution lessons to stop saying "wabbit" would one day work as a university lecturer and, later, as a dance instructor? I've even delivered a couple of stand-up comedy routines and I've had a total blast MC'ing a wedding (I want to do more MC'ing!). Not realising the journey that I've been on, one of my best friend...
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  • Salsa, A Hobby Or Business?

    Salsa, A Hobby Or Business?

    While many club owners start out just for the love of the dance, the unfortunate fact that many owners fail to see, is that in order to create a long lasting club that attracts dancers and generates sufficient funds to keep those fantastic dance venues, you need to stop seeing your club as a hobby and start treating it more like a small business.

    So what can you do? One of the critical aspects of any small business is marketing. It doesn't matter how good your servi...
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  • You Never Know Who You're Dancing With

    You Never Know Who You're Dancing With

    You never know who you are dancing with.

    Kevin Hollingsworth is a Los Angeles Salsero who recently sent me his Poetry book.
    I was stunned at his words.

    Kevin's deep appreciation for "women" is so evident in this short, 30-Page book of Poetry and Thoughts.
    When I read it, I "knew" this was a book for my library.

    Ladies, if you don't feel very appreciated, keep this gem of words at your bedside.

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  • How to Lead: Splitting Up Your Power

    How to Lead: Splitting Up Your Power

    Black Belt Salsa Leading Technique: "He's too rough..." "He feel like he's poking me...." "My arm just went out of socket dancing with that guy..." "I feel like he is just "arms"...." "He has no feeling when he leads me...." "It's only about 'the moves' with him... I just don't feel 'HIM'". These are just a fraction of comments I've heard from women over the years. Hopefully this video will explain what is going on, and how you, as a Leaders should "Split ...
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  • You Are Brilliant

    You Are Brilliant

    Good Morning Edie! First of all, there is hardly anything that I don't like about your classes maybe the cold temperature at times, but that's just me. Your professionalism; the organized class syllabuses; your articles and inviting us to review them; your tips on techniques and the way you teach them; and most of all your generous patience, are all brilliant. At times, the class even feels a bit like a self-improvement workshop, but how could that possibly be a problem? You are so sp...
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  • Your Wisdom

    Your Wisdom

    "Dear Edie, I LOVE the way you show your example of a VERY mature Salsera to your readers! You obviously pay attention to the people/world side of the sport, not just the action part of it. I sure can learn from you in all areas of dance, on or off the floor. I'm glad you're part of this whole dance world. Yes, sigh, I love the escape from the world of ours with no clear boundaries between men and women to the dance world where there is JOY in being a man and a woman. The big extra bo...
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  • Rusty Dancer Finds Bliss

    Rusty Dancer Finds Bliss

    Edie - thought I'd pass this along, it's something I experienced a few months ago -


    Rusty Dancer Finds Bliss It was a great experience. We were almost at one with the music. She was responsive to me, I was responsive to her. It was pure bliss . . . Now, how did I get there? It goes back many years. After my first group Salsa lesson with Laura Cannelias in a small club near Dodger Stadium, I started going to Salsa clubs ever...
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  • Why Am I Jealous of Her?

    Why Am I Jealous of Her?

    From A Male Salsero who is perplexed at HIM"SELF"...

    "Dear Edie,
    The Bottom Line is this:
    I don't want her dancing with other guys,
    but I want to be able to dance with any woman I want.
    If I am going out dancing Salsa all the time, perfecting my craft, and really getting good at it - how can I find the woman of my dreams in the Salsa scene if that is what SHE is doing as well? I mean, to get good you HAVE to dance with many diff
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  • When We Stop Moving, We Die

    When We Stop Moving, We Die

    I’ve come to recognize this as absolute FACT. I had a knot in my right quadriceps muscle last night, the size of an EGG! I had someone massage it for me, to get most of it out, but MAN I was in PAIN!!! The next night, I “had”’ to go to a Salsa event because I promised some friends of mine I would go see their show. I told them I could not dance that well because of the knot in my leg. So when we got to the venue, I just stood there, watched the shows, then...
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  • Happy Scene, Happy Dancers

    Happy Scene, Happy Dancers

    Who wants the dancing scene to be a healthy one where we all feel comfortable and happy? I do, I do!

    Our community can flourish or flounder, depending on our attitude. So, to keep the local (and international) dancing scene a positive and vibrant one...

    Be friendly: Say hi! A simple acknowledgment to your fellow dancers brings a warm energy into the room.

    Be supportive: If you want people to support your initiative, make sure you demonstrate your appreciation....
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