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  • What to Do When the Dance Floor Gets Crowded

    What to Do When the Dance Floor Gets Crowded

    What To Do When It Gets Crowded...
    by Jeff Camilo

    Jeff and I started dancing Salsa about the exact same time. We both took private lessons from Luis and Joby Vazquez in the beginning, and go back a long way... If there's one thing I have to say about this "New Yo-Rican" turned "Angelean", he's blunt, to-the-point, says what he thinks, and is an absolutely incredible Salsa dancer. Take it away Jeff! Love you!
    - Edie

    What to Do When It Gets Cro...
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  • Connection in Dance

    Connection in Dance

    I'd been dancing Zouk-Lambada (or "Rio-style Zouk") for about three years before I first had some understanding of what it means to be both physically and emotionally connected in dance. I was in my hometown, Brisbane, Australia, dancing at the social Latin dancing venue Casablanca when a dance teacher I hadn't seen for two years walked in. A familiar Zouk song was playing as she stepped up close to me, the full length of her body connecting with mine, her head rested gently against mine and her arms wrapped around my neck. Every change in my body was immediately and effortlessly mirrored by hers. When the music changed I opened our dance frame into some bigger moves. Everything flowed, her smile reassured me and her complete surrender of her body to my lead encouraged me to take complete control. The music became gentle again and I led her back into our initial body frame. The feeling that I experienced at that moment is something I find difficult to describe and was something that took several frustrating months to replicate. So full was the surrender of her whole self to my lead that we became acutely aware of each other and present in the moment. For just a few minutes nothing else in the world existed. ...
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  • Introducing: Salsa STEALING!

    Introducing: Salsa STEALING!

    Salsa dancers!!

    In a few weeks, on Sunday, March 18th to be exact, we're holding the world's first (as far as we know) Salsa STEALING workshop!

    What IS Salsa Stealing, you ask?

    It's the smooth, seamless transition of a man assuming control of a dance that his buddy already has going. This takes place via the coordination of the two men, unknowingly to the woman, and she has NO IDEA how much she's going to LOVE IT when it happens.

    Mark Reagan and...
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  • Dancing Salsa is Divine MADNESS!!

    Dancing Salsa is Divine MADNESS!!

    They say, that "Madness" is from God.
    ... and that "Sanity" is "human".

    The Divine is Holy...

    People "in the know", understand and will agree COMPLETELY that Divine Madness describes Salsa...

    That's the ONLY WAY to explain this... feeling... this... MADNESS!!! ...
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  • Whitney Houston's Salsa Remix

    Whitney Houston's Salsa Remix

    Thank you!
    - Edie...
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  • Dubai's Goodbye Whitney Houston

    Dubai's Goodbye Whitney Houston

    Dubai is a wonderful place for Salsa. Just loved this tribute to her.

    - Edie...
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  • Salsa Click Bali

    Salsa Click Bali

    Salsa Click Bali is a site that provides all the information about salsa dance in Bali. And will guide you, where a place to dance salsa, where a place to learn salsa, where you can get dance salsa accessories (shoes, dresses) and others. Organized by Lilis Susanti, one of the best salsa dancer in Bali, which aims to raise up the salsa community in Bali.

    Salsa Click Bali also hosted at salsa night events in several places in Bali, such as Ubud, Kuta, Sanur, and Canggu. Also as a dance...
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  • Salsa Dancing in the Bay Area

    Salsa Dancing in the Bay Area

    A lot of people have been asking about what the best places to go salsa dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area are, so here are a list of resources:

    Resource Site:

    The SF Bay Area has a lot going on in terms of salsa dancing, hope you found this list h...
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  • Conversation with Paul Taylor

    Conversation with Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor, the iconoclastic choreographer who Martha Graham dubbed the "naughty boy" of dance, has both confused and enthralled audiences across the globe. He discusses his career, his sources of inspiration, and his autobiography Private Domain....
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  • The Salsa Fix - Defined

    The Salsa Fix - Defined

    The Salsa Fix ‘ Defined
    ‘ A phenomenon into the next millenium
    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK

    Common Scientific National Standard Names: "Salsa Fix. The Salsa Fix. SalsaHolic. Salsa-Holic. Salsa Holic. Get my Fix. My New Addiction. "

    San Francisco, CA’
    "I can’t stand this anymore. I feel like crap. I need my Fix’ tonight." She looks in the mirror. Immediate stress. She feels like her hips are getting larger, and...
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