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    I have been DYING to do a story about this! I thought I was the only one that did this! I ran into my girlfriend Marla at a Salsa Club Sunday night in Los Angles, and the both of us had been dancing at other clubs and taking various classes that whole day... we saw each other (again) that evening, and started some "girl-talk" on how we changed our outfits between clubs...In the bathroom...

    • While driving down the freeway, doing "65"...
    • In dark parking lots...
    • Behind a tree...
    • In the back seat...

    We truly, seriously do this! I feel like Batgirl in a phone booth sometimes!!! Here's Marla's tips on how to "quick change" - and get away with it!!!
    - Edie the Salsa FREAKClick image for larger version

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    So Many Places To Dance, So Little Time to Change Clothes Marla Friedler

    What’s a Salsaholic to do when planning on spending the entire day dancing? You can’t wear the same sweaty clothes all day and night (and your clothes will be sweaty if you’re a true Salsaholic).

    I bring a change of clothes for each place I’m going to be dancing. Sundays are always big days for me in Los Angeles. My Sunday routine typically goes like this:

    • Dance class noon to 2 (learning Salsa dancing)
    • Workout at the gym 2:30 to 3:30 (riding bike to Salsa music)
    • Santa Monica Pier 4 to 6 (Salsa dancing in the sun)
    • Steven’s Steakhouse 6:30 to 10 (Salsa dancing with food)
    • Hollywood Athletic Club 10:30 to 1:30 (Salsa dancing)

    I wear very casual clothes to my class (usually pants or shorts with an old pair of dance shoes). I think it is important to wear comfy shoes to class so my feet don’t get tired out before I hit the dance floor. Then I go to the gym and after working out, I change in the locker room to a slightly more presentable outfit for the Pier, still in the casual mode, however.

    After this is where it gets tricky. With no more locker rooms to change in after the Pier, I have become an expert at changing in the car. This skill requires careful planning and true determination.

    It is essential to have an entire outfit for each place. Don’t forget which undergarments you will need for each outfit. For example, your first outfit may not require a bra but subsequent outfits may so you must think each outfit all the way through. Don’t forget a couple of pairs of shoes. I, for one, always have at least four pairs of dance shoes and two dresses (one casual and one more upscale) in the trunk of my car at all times. I am always ready to dance.

    It is easier to change in the dark than when the sun is still out so your first outfit should be something that’s quick and easy to change out of. I find halter tops to be really simple. You just pull the neck part over your head to the front and then slip your new outfit over your head. Then you slide the halter and pants or skirt out the bottom while your new outfit is over the top. You can do this with an entire crowd around you and nobody will see a thing.

    Outfits where you can pull your arms out and still keep the garment around your body are also good. Then you can use the same technique of pulling the new outfit over your head and the old one out from the bottom.

    Park in a dark spot when changing at night. You don’t want to be spotlighted. You must always just act natural. Don’t look around paranoid like someone will know what you’re doing. That will definitely attract attention. Valet parking can be a problem so you must pull over somewhere and change before you get to the valet.

    With a little practice, everyone can learn to change in the car without anyone around noticing but after this article is published, I’m probably going to have to be a little more careful.

    Happy Dancing!
    - Marla Friedler

    • ediester
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      "Dear Edie,
      This has to do with this poor girl who is dancing all day and has to change clothes WHEN DOES SHE SHOWER IN ALL THIS PLANNING? I find it difficult to go from club to club to club and not hit a shower along the way....

      What I am getting at is this, you are somewhat of a power now in the Salsa World, and a lot of women tak your advice, based on your advice, us men are going to end up with a lot of women who bring a change of clothes in their car. We want them to go home, take a shower and then continue on to the "club". I can tolerate maybe a two-club minimum HAHAHAHHAHAHA

      - Concerned... - Concerned...
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