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    Fishnet stockings Why, When, and How ???

    Well ladies, let me tell you all the wonderful reasons why, when, and how, I wear skin-colored fishnet pantyhose.

    Although it may be hard to believe, but I am not the skinniest and sexiest Salsera in the world, so I've had to resort to wearing fishnets to cover up certain elements of cellulite that may or may not be there at any given time, primarily depending on WHAT I'VE EATEN the week before and that certain TIME OF THE MONTH...

    Even more incredibly, I do not have Cindy Crawford's legs, length, nor TAN... so I must resort to doing something... ANYTHING about it.

    I've discovered that wearing skin-colored fishnets, from afar, and up close, tends to appear to tighten-up your legs, and cover up any small FAT "abnormalities" - which are really, actually quite normal, but considered "ABNORMAL" because of the way our society views starving, underweight models and dancers as the norm.

    Before I start getting hate mail from starving, underweight models and dancers, let me remind you that this article is about why "I" wear fishnets, not them. That's all. There are more women like me out there who have constantly struggled their entire lives with their weight, and through some sort of unfortunate spell of bad luck, have not, nor will ever, have beautiful long sexy legs.

    Myself included.

    Fishnets have a great way of making your legs look shapelier. They have a way of hugging the leg, and strapping it in, avoiding the jiggly-wiggly, cellulite-ridden affect of jumping up and down on the dancefloor, under lights coming straight down on you.

    For a performance or dancing on film, wearing fishnets is essential. Even women with absolutely gorgeous legs wear them!* Like a camera, or a film, stage lights have a very keen way of making you look ten pounds heavier. Because of the way some lights shine from the top of the stage down upon you, the little folds and lines of any part of your body and skin are much more evident because of the downward shadows created from ceiling lights that are made more clear. When you're on film, the camera doesn't show as many lines because of the side lights of the television studio. Rarely will there be only lights from the top ceilings. So if you don't want to see cellulite, or wrinkles, ask the camera or stage crew to place the lighting on the sides of you, not over you.

    Trust me, I found this out when I competed as a bodybuilder years ago. If you had ONE OUNCE of fat on you, it showed, and showed up very clearly because of the ceiling lights.

    Wearing fishnets saves plenty of embarrassment on stage, and can also serve as a way of tightening up your legs during social dancing.

    The tough part about them is the toes. Sometimes my toes rip through them, stick out by the end of the evening, and it DRIVES ME CRAZY trying to keep them in. What I've done, is simply fold over the bottoms to cover the tops of my toes. That's the only relief from the threads cutting into your toes while dancing.

    When they tear, it's best to just sew them up with the same color thread. Try getting elastic clear thread as well. Works wonders.

    Fishnets should be bought without the line in the back,and be stretchy. If you buy the type with the line in the back, you've got to constantly go to the bathroom and make sure the line is straight. It's funny when you see a gal on the dance floor with the line in the back of her leg look like a zig-zag, and by the end of the evening wrapped over her knee! AAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!
    I'd rather DANCE than have to worry about that stupid line being STRAIGHT.
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    The most expensive type of fishnet stockings feel and look the best. In the United States, they run about $35 per pair. They're not cheap, so take good care of them. I like buying the type with the pre sewn-in crotch, because the crotch always seems to tear the first.

    Speaking of crotches, (sorry, but you know me, I've got to be blunt.) when wearing fishnets, please wear your underwear OUTSIDE of them. There's nothing worse than seeing a flare dress with underwear inside the fishnets. The crotch of the fishnet starts to drop up to two inches below the crotch itself, and when you spin, you can CLEARLY SEE IT ALL.

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    I also like wearing fishnets when I have a very long shoe straps, and want to have that "Roman woman" affect on the dance floor. You know the type of dance shoes, with the super long laces that are about four-feet long that criss-cross & wrap up your leg? I know you don't know the type, but I'm trying to tell you, that believe it or not, it's what I sometimes wear to clubs. I take the long straps, and criss-cross them up my legs and tie the top to the fishnet stockings, right below the backs of my knees. Works wonders for keeping the straps up during wild and crazy Salsa Dancing!

    I also found out that some women wear them underneath their tight pants to tighten up their legs and butt for a more shaplier look. Isn't it AMAZING the expense, time, and effort it takes to look good sometimes? Unbelievable.

    Happy Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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