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Ladies Styling Part 1. Why do you DO what you DO?


  • Ladies Styling Part 1. "Why do you DO what you DO?"

    Ladies Styling ‘ Part One of a Six-Part Series’

    ‘Que? Styling’ What????’
    "eh-ladees stylee".... Que?

    Such a broad, complex, mysterious TERM isn’t it? ‘Ladies Styling’’.
    • What exactly is Ladies Styling, and how is it done?
    • Who does it?
    • Where can it be learned?
    • Why do I need it?
    • What’s the POINT?

    Having taught and performed in 63 countries, throughout the world I have witnessed a very clear distinction between Colder Climate Women and Warmer Climate Women - especially in the Salsa dance communities.

    The primary difference can be summarized by each in a single short sentence:

    Style is WHAT you wear, HOW, WHERE, and WHEN you wear it.

    Cold Climate Woman say Style is who you ARE

    - Warm Climate Woman Tropical woman are different.

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    If you ask a woman from a warm, tropical climate like Brazil or Cuba "What is Ladies Styling?" she doesn’t need to verbally tell you. In fact.. she can’t. Ask any MAN who’s visited there. Once the Warmer-Climate woman fully understands what you are asking, she will respond to you (slowly’. in a very thick, heavy, Tropical accent) something like this... Giggling, Ah... Honey, there is no e-s-p-l-a-i-n in Style. Here... honey... I SHOW you with DEMONSTRrrrrrATION...

    You will then be presented with an incredible ‘Personal Showcase’. She will literally TRANSFORM her entire being into a lioness prowl, commencing a slow, refined, and sultry catwalk right next to you. With a shy glance, and eyes at half-mast, she will start a slow walk that will make your head go literally’ numb.

    For a brief moment, all time will stand still. No matter what body type she has, the slow, half turn she makes while staring straight into your eyes will petrify any soul within five kilometers.

    The heat produced from your own body will reflect tiny glowing droplets on hers. Her hips, plump full with nothing but pure desire, will sway and linger and simply ‘e for the onlooker moving leisurely at the very slow pace of thick, sweet, dripping honey...

    She will ‘demonstrate’ pure, soft femininity ‘in heat’ (literally - and with no pun intended) - enough to make any man drool like an animal.

    She, presents the wonder of the Natural Female Creation that was God’s original intent - so magnificently designed...

    FTER He made the first draft (Adam) "and BEFORE the COLD set in" at which point, she had to strap on his balls, and wear the pants

    Ladies, FEAR NOT. If you feel you don’t have ‘Style’ ‘ stop blaming yourselves! There ‘is’ hope!! Simply blame the COLD weather!!! We all know that there is a clear difference between a ‘Cold’ woman, and a ‘Hot’ woman. Let me explain.

    The majority of the time (unless formally trained with Instructional, Professional Ladies Styling DVDs ) the ‘Feminine Style’ you will get from a the Warmer Climate woman will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the Colder Climate woman.

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    Believe it or not, I am RARELY if EVER asked to teach styling to women in warm climates. More often than not, it is the Cooler Climate woman that needs to learn how to be feminine again.
    I literally have to re-teach them how to smile! I teach them to be keenly aware of where the corners of their mouths are...

    • while dancing when they are approached to be asked for a dance
    • when they wish to be asked for a dance
    • when they walk into a room
    • when they walk
    • when they approach the bar
    • when they are talking to people
    • ... almost all the time!

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    Most of you may think this is ridiculous, but I am here to tell you that the simple act of smiling even when you feel like crying, makes a WORLD of difference to those around you. ‘Smile, though your heart is aching’’

    ... Continued in "Part 2" ...

    Happy Dancing!!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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