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Three Ways to Excite Your Woman on the Dance Floor


  • Three Ways to Excite Your Woman on the Dance Floor

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    by Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    1. Tell her she's beautiful
    (yes, while you're dancing with her - even if it's a lie.)

    2. Tell her she's a GREAT follower... an EXCELLENT dancer... (again, lie through your teeth if you have to).

    3. Surprise her with simple yet MASCULINE hot and steamy moves that are easy, yet powerful. Moves that emit your dominance as a male to her.

    Tell Us how "YOU" make women melt on the dance floor.

    We are DYING to know.

    ...YOU KNOW who you are. .
    Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! is one of the most recognized and respected Salsa Writers/Instructor/Performers in the world. In the past twenty years, she has traveled to 63 countries teaching the world to dance, and has been the first American to teach in 18 of those countries. She now lives in the high mountains of beautiful Colorado with her wonderful husband, Nick. You may contact her at

    • macguy4321
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      I dance as if the woman I'm dancing with is the most beautiful woman in the room.

      Also, if I have the time, when I do my hand tosses, I'll give a little move basically saying "Come here and give me your hand."

    • staffster
      staffster commented
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      WOW!!!! Now THAT would excite ANYONE!!! OMG...

      Love your inputs MacGuy!!!!

      The Entire Female Staff at wants to dance with YOU.

    • macguy4321
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      I'd be more than happy to.
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