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Men's Styling - The Look and Feel of It


  • Men's Styling - The Look and Feel of It

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    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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    I was working with a small group of students the other day, and was getting two of the guys to show me a really cool move called the “S - Move“. It is a very simple, but FANTASTIC-feeling move that can really get screwed up if you don”t lead it correctly.

    Both of these guys had COMPLETELY different styles, and both of them had superb leads. One was more “Textbook Classroom“ looking, while the other had a “Jazzy“ type of style with load of fancy footwork and incredible body movement within his lead.

    I was curious to see how each one of them lead that move.
    “ The “Textbook Classroom” guy executed the move flawlessly, and I followed it perfectly.
    “ The” Jazzy-style” guy ALSO executed the move flawlessly, and I followed THAT perfectly as well.

    “HHHhhmmm”” I thought to myself. They felt EXACTLY the same” but LOOKED ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

    “I must be tired”” I thought to myself. So I asked both of them to lead me again, this time however, I had my eyes closed.

    Again, same thing “
    “ The “Textbook Classroom” guy executed the move flawlessly, and I followed it perfectly.
    “ The” Jazzy-style” guy ALSO executed the move flawlessly, and I followed THAT perfectly as well.


    "WHAT”S UP WITH THAT???" I thought to myself.

    I took advantage of this little “experiment”, and told them I would pretend to be a “Heavy, pulling Beginner“.

    I closed my eyes AGAIN, pretended to be that "Heavy Pulling Beginner", and THE SAME THING HAPPENED!!!
    “ The “Textbook Classroom” guy executed the move flawlessly, and I followed it perfectly.
    “ The” Jazzy-style” guy ALSO executed the move flawlessly, and I followed THAT perfectly as well.

    They STILL “felt” the SAME!!!

    Then, very innocently and politely and in a soft, loving smaller voice, I asked the Textbook guy to add more styling, and the Styling guy to lessen his Styling.

    I shut my eyes again.
    • THIS COMPLETELY SCREWED THEM UP. Messed up their leads BIG TIME.
    • Both of them felt different, their leads were off, and I couldn”t follow them very well.

    See what happens when a woman puts a man under pressure to change? HE FALLS APART.

    I noticed that prior to my asking them to change their “style”, they were both relaxed with them”SELVES” and were confident in their leads.

    When I innocently asked them to change their “style” “ it was like ripping apart the very essence of their manhood. It was as if I couldn't “accept” them just the way they were, and in order to please me and make me "happy" (which is all a man wants - besides the TV remote control and a good meal) , they had to change as men.

    THAT, in a NUTSHELL Ladies is how we DESTROY THE MALE EGO


    Sorry I got off on a tangent, but as usual I have to throw in “Elements of Real Life” in there to MAKE YOU THINK and realize how you can SUBLIMINALLY destroy a person by asking them to change WHO THEY NATURALLY ARE.

    I came to two very interesting conclusions during this experiment without even realizing it.

    1. A World Class Stylist”s Lead will “FEEL” no different than a “No Style” lead. The consistencies are the arm work and hand-holds. The pressure points, the momentum, the hesitation, and the thrust are identicle. The expert Stylist will execute moves that look amazing, but feel "Textbook" to his follower. This is one element of a World Class Lead

    2. Never ask someone to change [the way they naturally are]. They”ll find someone else. [to dance with]

    People DON'T CHANGE. Oh they "may appear to" change in the beginning, but this is just to "please you".
    After a while they just go back to the way they naturally are.

    Click here for Edie's World Famous Men's Styling DVD Collection

    Happy Dancing!!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! is one of the most recognized and respected Salsa Instructor/Performers in the world. In the past twenty years, she has traveled to 63 countries teaching the world to dance, and has been the first American to teach in 18 of those countries. She now lives in the high mountains of beautiful Colorado with her wonderful husband, Nick. You may contact her at
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