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Musicality Bootamps


  • Musicality Bootamps

    Salsa "Musicality" !!

    ... Sensual, Intoxicating, Addicting...

    - Advanced Beginner / Improver / Intermediate to Super Advanced -
    Discount on all DVDs and Dance Products at Workshop!

    8 Hours of ...


    The Salsa dance floor is one of the few places left on earth
    ... where a man can truly show his manhood, quality, and character.

    Once you understand how to combine
    a Quality World Class Lead with "Musically" with your partner ...
    ... that dance is BETTER than sex.

    For a women to have the life-changing opportunity to dance this way
    every Salsa night,

    ... is not only INTOXICATING, but utterly ...ADDICTING.

    SECRETS Revealed!

    "The female body is designed by our Creator
    for Pleasure.

    It is designed for Creativity and Expression.

    It is designed for Fun and Exhilaration".

    Dr. Christiane Northrup, PhD


    "YOU" can take her there!!
    For Both Men and Women!!

    "He took my breath away... I mean he could dance BEFORE, but Nothing like now! Thank you for WHATEVER YOU DID EDIE. JD, Bogner Regis, UK
    At a Congress Evening party: "Edie, I have THREE hotel room keys in my pocket. I have NO IDEA who put them there, and who's they are. Holy sh__t." - MC, North Carolina
    "Dear Edie,
    I had no idea this was even TEACHABLE!! I have had guys put me in musical moves like this before, but I didn't know you actually offered a COURSE on it! I'm truly astonished at how the guys changed their way of dancing. By the end of the workshop, all the girls had huge smiles on our faces! When are you coming back to Israel?"
    AW, Tel Aviv

    "Hi Edie!
    You, YOU, YOU!!! AAAaaaahhh Edie!!! Now I KNOW why certain guys just have that "thing" going on out there. I'm so glad that you put these types of workshops on. I don't know of anyone else in the world that can break it down to where it "makes sense" like you do. Truly impressed with how you ran this workshop today. I wish it would have lasted a LOT LONGER! Are you coming back to Japan any time soon? , AC - Tokyo
    "Dear Edie, I will never forget those lines above. They momentarily transported me to a special place - like an oasis in a dessert and I'm now even more eager to get to that place! When I started out I would have been more than happy to be where I am now, but the road ahead to becoming a great social dancer seems further now that you have explained it to me in these few lines.
    My initial goal was to get quickly learn some moves that can impress girls socially but I now feel that dancing is a life learning experience, and a lot more than mechanically executing a million moves.
    Thanks again for your words of wisdom, Edie!
    - Sanjiv"

    As always... FREE FOOD, Refreshments, AND "Practice Time" for everyone!!

    Musicality workshops:

    Musicality Bootcamps are part of the
    /Black BBS Instructor Trainer
    Minimum Certification Requirement

    - Red/Black Belt BBS Instructor Training (Four Days)
    30 hours minimum requirement

    Click here for full Red/Black Instructor Belt description and Details

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    • Musicality Bootamps
      by ediester
      Salsa "Musicality" !!

      ... Sensual, Intoxicating, Addicting...
      NEED I SAY MORE???

      - Advanced Beginner / Improver / Intermediate to Super Advanced -
      02-23-2013, 11:34 AM
    • Musicality Dancing with Salsa
      by ediester

      "Edie, the Salsa Freak, had some interesting things to say about "on one" and "on two" dancing. She said that what is important is dancing "to the music" by responding to the hits and breaks in a song, rather than whether the dance is structured "on one or two." In her opinion, the best and most musically rich experience is to respond to the accents of a particular piece of music by altering where your break steps are to match those accents. Then afterwards you can resume whichever patte...
      11-19-2012, 02:27 PM
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      Salsa Dance "Musicality" - Better than SEX

      Romanians Taking Salsa to the Highest Level...
      Musicality - ON THE RISE

      Musicality -
      How the Story of the Music is Interpreted by Bodies in Motion

      "Becoming a Musicalist is one of the highest levels you can reach in Salsa social dancing. One of the most fantastic things about this new level of dancing is the ability to create beautiful choreography on the spot... with
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    • Musicality and the Musicalists of the World
      by ediester
      Musicality is the Father of Men's Styling.

      Musicalists are now getting SO used to women saying "... oh my god" after virtually every song, that naturally they tend to start believing they are Salsa gods, and this CAN get to their HEADs.

      Guys, hold the reigns... take my word of advice. Just because women STAND IN LINE all night to get a dance with you and call you "god" afterward doesn't mean you're really GOD....OK? ___________________________________________________________________ ...
      06-26-2011, 01:32 PM