So here are the remaining Five.

5. Balance every single meal and snack. I learned from my trainer and nutritionist JoAnne Lee that if you eat a "deck of card" - sized portion of protein and a "deck of card" - sized portion of carbs, with a half teaspoon or more of fat every three hours, you will maintain blood-sugar balance. There is a great website called www.VeniceNutrition.com that explains all this. Mark McDonald, the owner also has just release a book about stabilizing your blood sugar by keeping your body constantly fed in small portions every three hours, with those specific ratios of carbs, to proteins, to fats. Once I got on this program, I gained in the beginning because I was so "not used to" eating that frequently, and being "fed" so often. But after about three weeks, your body starts getting used to this regimen and begins to "release" - fats, water, food cravings. - all but gone. When I feel that I am a bit over-loaded with weight or food, or water-logged, I increase my percentage of protein to 70% at every meal. It really works.

It took a couple of months to get used to this, but one thing that I did notice more than anything else was that I was not always constantly hungry, nor thinking about food. You eat the same as when you were a newborn - every three hours, and a healthy percentage of the above (very similar to mother's milk proteins, carbs, and fat percentages)

6. Find a passion, and take massive action on it. Once you pre-occupy yourself in something you can REALLY GET INTO, like Salsa and now computers for me, you won't even have a chance to think about food!

7. I also found that when I did not have a second passion besides Salsa, I took up the Insanity Workout training DVDs that they sell online. It's awesome. What was incredible, is that I could actually KEEP UP with Sean T. and his "twenty-something year-olds" - every step of the way, for the ENTIRE PROGRAM! It's absolutely amazing the kind of shape you're in when you're a hard core, competitive Salsa dancer.

8. Don't get used to "comfy" clothing after work or on the weekends. ALWAYS LOOK YOUR BEST and get into those "skinny jeans" at least three to four times a week. If you put pressure on yourself to get into them every other day, you will not want to overeat.

9. Plan ahead. I know this is next to impossible for Salseros, but if you CAN, plan your entire day's meals. Just fix them the night before, stick them in small palm-sized containers, buy a small hot/cold insulated lunch sack, stick a fork and spoon and napkin in there, and you'll be less likely to do fast food and over-indulge. When you constantly surround yourself with food, you won't feel like you're missing out. You won't even think about it that much - because psychologically, you know it's always there.

10. Don't let yourself go. I can't stress this enough for both men and women.
Ladies, I don't care how old you are or what you do for a living. Brush / do your hair, take care of your nails, wear just a tiny bit of makeup, and look nice as often as you possibly can - even before you go to bed. You will feel better about yourself. You won't slip into a "whoa always me", and start down the path of feeling sorry for yourself. It's hard to attain, but EVEN harder to get back into the swing of things - much harder.

When we start to relax about our looks by wearing baggy this, and baggy that, and not bothering to really take care of our looks, slowly over time we get REALLY USED TO THIS LIFESTYLE (cuz it's nice and comfortable) and before we know it, we cannot stop it. We end up letting ourselves go.

Men. Same goes for you. Buy shirts that are tight-fitting around your waist so it always looks slim. Make sure your belt is always on the same notch every day. Never let your belly be larger than your ribs on a DAILY basis. I know it's hard, but hey, you expect that from us women, right?

Keep Dancing!
See you in the Forums!
- Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!