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Conflict Resolution Tips for Business Situations
1) Dismiss all ideas or thoughts of self: Pride, ego, image, baggage.

2) Take decisive action and deliberate control of non-verbal communication. Posture, physical distance, eye contact, and tone, can all affect this outcome.

3) Attack the problem, not the person. Focus only on the goal; which is achieving anunderstanding or solution that will accomplish the resolution of whatever theproblem or failure may be.

4) Place yourself in the other individual’s position to best view the situation fromtheir perspective: responsibilities, priorities, experience, and knowledge.

5) Open your mind to at least consider the idea that your views or knowledge may beinaccurate, or at least not the most ideal solution for the particular situation, ormaybe have just been presented in a way that was misunderstood.

6) Listen. Allow the other individual to explain, pay close attention. Do not think ofwhat to say next or how to disprove, just listen and seek areas or items thatsupport your opinion. It is often likely that two people will express or present anidentical situation in such very different manners that it seems at first there is noagreement, when in fact there is. Listen also to learn the other individual’s levelof knowledge and intellect. Adjust your communication to accommodate whatyou learn. Listen also for indications that the individual may have other reasonsfor disagreement. This situation may be in fact completely due to ulterior motivesrather than a difference of technical opinion.

7) Re-evaluate and possibly refine your position with consideration for information gathered in the above steps.

8) Communicate your position or beliefs with certainty but without aggression. Express yourself with conviction to the extent in which you believe in what you are explaining, but never forget #1.

- Anonymous

The above is something my husband wrote for his employees during a thought-provoking meeting he assembled.
I just had to share it with everyone who reads my Blog. He didn’t want me to share his name, so I will sign it as … “Anonymous”.

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" – Abraham Lincoln
‘No man who has resolved to make the most of himself can spare time for personal contention.” – Abraham Lincoln