By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

How World Champions use "The Zone"

"Dear Edie, We are getting ready for the World Salsa Championships in Europe. We have our doubts - because everyone is so good. The rehearsals are agony, and we are struggling with our choreography. It seems we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. The entire preparation is a slow and painful process. Last week, we both just wanted to quit. I'm beginning to wonder if we are even cut out for this. How do the Champions do it, and do well every single year? We are writing the famous, Edie, The Salsa Freak for some 'Grand words of encouragement'.
- Exhausted Italian Competitor

Dear Exhausted Italian Competitor,

The Champion wins first,
... then enters the race.

A World Champion does not see the entire process from "A" to "Z".
They just see "Z".

After the World Champion sees, feels, smells, and tastes the end result ("Z") in their minds,
they then work their way back to "A" which was (is) now the starting point.

They do this by using a "Mind-Vehicle"
called, "The Zone"
The end result, "Z", is where the Winner's Circle is.
It is the house of the "ZONE".

The World Champion's objective is to get "into" the Zone, and "be" already at "Z" in their minds first,
... even before they start at point "A".

Too many of us were brought up to believe that if we want to get to "Z", and we are starting at "A", we must PAINFULLY go thru the AGONY of "B", then "C", then "D", and the entire alphabet process (so-to-speak).
This is an "Educated Lie".

The "Zone" is a state of mind where whatever you are doing, you could do forever, with very little effort and are in absolute bliss doing it - even the "process" is joy. "Time" as we know it, just seems to STOP. The Zone feels as though the Universe and all of its power is taking you upon a massive river of Life's Energy, where there is no pain, no struggle, nor sadness.

The "Zone" is a state of mind-blowing POWER.

The "Zone" is the point at which your "human-ness" meets it's Source Energy.
It is the space of "One-ness" with all things.
Time flies by.
You are not hungry, you are not thirsty, you feel no pain and are not tired.
You are in "The Zone".
The Zone is the vehicle that glides you through the process of going from A through Z
with exciting joy and absolute elation.

World Champions access "The Zone" on a REGULAR basis.

They have the innate ability to "Lock-in to their Zone" with ease.

This is their God-Given Talent - and they've figured out how to "Hop on Board!" with very little effort.

They not only do this with their talents, but later in life, they also have the ability to tap back into "The Zone" and harness this ability to become Experts in other areas of their lives as well - coaching for example. Transferring this "Zone" energy to another area of life takes "conscious" effort on the World Champion's part.

The trick, is how to learn the "Transference" part ... - on purpose.

Some World Champions get so much into the "Zone" they forget about everything else; their family, their appointments, their open fly, their phone numbers, and even their own name and address. The ability to focus like a laser on something with such power is quite extraordinary - and at times needs to be managed by "Professional Managers". This way, the Champion can purely focus on the "Z" - the end result - the Winner's Circle.
The smart Champion HIRES STUFF DONE
The smart World Champion HIRES STUFF DONE.
So they can stay focused on what THEY do best.

This "Zone" is a gift is that is given to every single one of us. Our job is to find our unique talents, and focus like a laser upon them, then access the "Zone" while we are engaged in the process. This is where a coach is priceless. A coach will recognize your talents, and help you focus. They will show you distractions that you were unaware of. They will help you soar to the heights you were MEANT to reach. They will show you HOW you can use the 24 hours in a day that we all have, to reach "Z" with focused, laser effort within that time frame. Too many distractions get in the way of their "Zoning".

World Champions are able to rid themselves of too many thoughts, too many things to do, too much TV, too many emails, and too much stuff going on.

World Champions "focus", like a beam of sunlight through a magnifying glass. That light that shines upon all of us for warmth and life, can turn into a weapon of fire if absolutely focused.

There are very few "made" World Champions. A true World Champion is simply "born" that way. He/she pictures the end result, envisions it, meditates on it, and "becomes" "the winner" very fast.

The "Process" of getting there, (from A, to B and C, then eventually Z)

Accidental World Champions win because they are in the "Zone" doing what they absolutely LOVE to do, and completely enjoying themselves doing it - truly from the heart. They enjoyed and relished in the "journey" of B and C, etc... because they knew "Z" is where they already ARE in their hearts - even before they start at point "A".

Repeat this Mantra to YOURSELF every day:

"In everything I do, I see, taste, breathe, and feel myself as a World Champion.

My God-given Talent is already accomplished and complete - to perfection.

I "am" the World's Best in my field and look with excitement back at the path I will take from "Z" back to "A".

I love, embrace, and cherish the journey back through the entire process ...

I don't have to "get to" World Champion status...

I don't even have to "become" a World Champion...

I already "AM" The World Champion.

Your Tasks, if you're serious:
  1. [*=left]Cut out a smiling picture of yourself holding something and then cut-out a picture of a VERY LARGE World Champion Trophy. Paste both together so it looks like YOU are "holding" the World Cup (Feel free to replace your face with the smiley face at the top of this article).
    [*=left]Look at that picture every single night before you go to bed
    [*=left] Look at that picture every single morning when you wake up.

For more info on how to get to World Champion status in ANY AREA of your life, click here.

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Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! is one of the most recognized and respected Salsa Instructor/Performers in the world. In the past twenty years, she has traveled to 63 countries teaching the world to dance, and has been the first American to teach in 18 of those countries. She now lives in the high mountains of beautiful Colorado with her wonderful husband, Nick. You may contact her at

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