By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

I'll never forget the very first time I was stolen while dancing Salsa...

It was my second night out dancing - EVER. I barely knew my basic step. I was out there innocently "trying" to get this crazy footwork, and "trying" to follow "this random guy", when all of a sudden, I was in the arms OF ANOTHER MAN!!

I couldn't believe it.

"What is this?" I thought to myself as the stealer whisked me away on the dance floor. He was good. Very good. Then, without giving me a chance to think about it, BOOM! I was in the arms of the NEXT GUY!!!

This went on for the duration of the song. Two men, and me.

This was better than any drug, any alcoholic beverage, ANY FEELING - including S_E_X.

My life was never the same. I remember driving in my car on the way home thinking, "There is NO WAY ANY RELATIONSHIP I'm in can compare to THIS feeling." I could barely sleep that night.

I was having relationship issues with my ex-husband at the time. He had cheated on me several months earlier, and I basically felt "unloved" - by anyone. When I ventured out the night before, and got out on that Salsa dance floor, my life completely changed - FOR THE BETTER.

I felt "wanted". I felt "needed". I felt "desired". I was experiencing feelings that EVERY WOMAN ON THIS PLANET WANTS every once in a while. It all came together when I discovered Salsa dancing.

The first night I went out dancing Salsa, it was incredible.
The second night I went out... and WAS STOLEN during a dance, I "knew" that I would NEVER BE the same woman EVER again.

My "years of pent-up inner frustrated conservative, hating the world and everyone in it...", wanting to EXPLODE" - happened the night I was stolen.

I realized I had to get a divorce.
I realized that I had to change my attitude.
I realized that I was thirty years old and NOT getting any younger.

I realized that there was NO SINGLE MAN ON EARTH that could give me that feeling - the feeling of TWO MEN at one time. I knew I had to change my life... AND START LIVING IT!!!

I was the happiest woman on earth.

What's even more amazing, is that those two men, had NO CLUE what they had done, nor what they had "inadvertently" created. AN EXPLOSIVE LATINA WOMAN READY TO TAKE ON THE SALSA WORLD!!!