By Edie, The Salsa FREAK

Small little deeds of selfless love... can turn into BIG rewards you may never know about...

When you live in a small apartment in Los Angeles, California, you'll often find yourself sharing the laundry room with all the other people in your apartment complex. I was waiting for someone to pull their "dry" clothing out of the dryer because I wanted to put my "wet" dance clothes in. I waited, and waited, until finally I looked at my watch and couldn't wait any longer (I HAD TO GO DANCING... DUH. WHAT ELSE IS THERE?).

I wiped off the top of the dryer, pulled this person's laundry out of it, and placed their dry clothing on top of the machine. I then placed my wet laundry inside the dryer, put my coins in, and started it. I almost left, but felt so guilty about doing what I just did, that I decided to fold their clothing as a favor to them.

As I was folding a perfect stranger's laundry, it dawned on me how "I" would feel if "I" got back to the dryer, and noticed not only my laundry on top of the dryer, but it all beautifully folded as well.

What a wonderful feeling that would be.

As I was folding, I started day dreaming of what would happen when this person got back to the laundry room....

..... They would see all their laundry folded, maybe be a bit embarrassed at first, look around, and give a big thankful smile to ...

****** ************ ...the wall.

They would then skip happily get to their apartment, and give whomever was there a big smile and kiss. The person they kissed would be VERY pleasantly surprised, and decide to take the both of them out to dinner that evening. They would decide to invite a few of their friends to accompany them. They would laugh and have such a terrific time at dinner, that they would "intentionally" tip the waitress double of what she normally would earn for such a large group.

With the extra money from the tip, the waitress would then be able to buy her daughter some much needed dance shoes for the talent she knew she possessed, but needed to develop.

The next day, the waitress got a phone call from her daughter's agent telling her that if she had the shoes, her daughter would be able to audition for a major television commercial. Just by luck she had the money to get the shoes!!!

Her daughter would then audition, and a few days later, receive a telephone call with the phenomenal news that not only did she get the dancing part, but the speaking part as well Over a year's time, the commercial grossed her daughter over $20,000!!

With the money, her mom was then able to pay the rent, pay for private Salsa classes, start a college fund, and enroll herself in college, for the betterment of herself, and her family.

A few years later and with her degree behind her belt, the waitress was then able to enter into the field of politics, become President of the United States, eventually claim victory on WORLD PEACE.

All because I decided to fold someone else's laundry...

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