Fantastic Interview with Sergia Louise Anderson!
by Janette Valenzuela

I first took notice of Sergia while judging the Mayan Salsa Contests in Los Angeles when she competed in the Professional Salsa Couples Category. Great stage presence, technique & style were characteristics that stood out in Sergia’s performances. The second time I noticed her was during the Los Angeles Salsa congress where Sergia performed with a couples Salsa Team. This was the moment I told myself that I needed to work with her as I was scouting dancers for my dance company, "City of Angels Salseras."

.... It’s been great to work with Sergia and share ideas as fellow artists but it’s also been a joy to get to know her personally. I am now training at her studio in pole dance lessons
She is an incredibly patient and caring teacher & a great mentor to the many women who come to train with her.

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