Sometimes you just have those wonderful nights you'll never forget. But sometimes you have those nights you'll never ever ever EVER forget. The first night I was stolen on the dance floor was one of those nights.

One minute I was dancing with one of my favorite dance partners and completely enjoying every moment and the next thing I knew I was in the arms of a different Salsero. My face beamed with the brightest smile and my heart beat faster as I realized what just happened. Not only did one man want to dance with me, but now two men did. Being desired by more than one dance partner made me feel immensely desired.

Every night I go dance I look forward to being stolen. If I don't get stolen, I still have a great time. If I do get stolen, I have a fantastic night - the kind you don't want to end, but when it finally does, it's the kind of night you can't stop thinking about and even go to sleep dreaming of.