Well, it’s now July, and it’s now really bad. I’ve had a sprained hip injury since early February of this year. Over five months. It wasn’t bad at first, but stupid me, I kept dancing. Slowly, these past few months, my 2-3 pain-killer tablets a day have turned into 10 and 15 pain killers a day. "You know Edie, this just isn’t right." I thought to myself, downing tablet number 15 before I left for Chicago. "I just shouldn’t have to take 15 pain killers every time I go out dancing now."

The injury happened in February, 1999. I remember coming home from dancing, and barely being able to get out of the car. I guess the "high" from getting my Salsa fix with my dance partner was so intense, I didn’t even feel myself getting hurt. I went to sleep that night, in total pain. I could barely roll over on my right side in bed. The pain was excruciating, but I thought it would go away. I’m the type that can take a lot of pain and not say anything.

I woke up the next morning, OK, and feeling better. "It’ll go away." I thought to myself. I brushed it off, and started my Advil fix. Five Advils did it for me that day.

I continued to dance and dance and dance. Just as long as they kept making Advil, I was fine. As the months went by, I noticed that the pain was getting worse every time I would sit for a while, and try to stand up. It was REALLY bad when getting out of the car after driving home from dancing. I could barely walk up the stairs without feeling like my leg was going to fall off.

I could only sleep on my back, because it hurt sleeping directly on my hip (on my right side), and to make matters worse, there was no relief sleeping on my other hip (the left side) because it was stretching the injury, and made it feel worse.

Every time I would take a step, I felt the pain. When I stood up from a long sit at my computer, there was pain. When stepping into the shower there was the pain again. When I crossed my legs, t he pain would wake me in my sleep. Late into the evening, about 2 or 3 in the morning, I would find my way to the bathroom, and take more Advil.

It wasn’t until I went to Chicago, that I finally went to the hospital to see what the problem was. I was given a steroid shot for the pain, but it still didn’t seem to help. I got through the dancing and workshops that weekend, in total pain. You couldn’t see it in my face, but my eyes were filled with tears at times.

I had to stop dancing.

"You’ll need at least four weeks off, maybe more." The doctors told me. My heart fell to my knees.

"FOUR WEEKS OFF???" I responded with a look of terror. "THAT’S AN ENTIRE MONTH!" Do you realize what it’s like to be the Salsa FREAK and not be able to dance for a whole month?


If I would have seen a chiropractor the first week I had the pain, I would not have had to endure these months of agony. Seeing a good chiropractor or specialist of some sort is always the key if you pull a muscle or wack a disc out of joint. I would have taken the appropriate time off, and babied my hip a lot better.

I asked my mother, who is studying to be a naturopathist, about herbal remedies. She gave me excellent advice. I also looked up herbal remedies at These homeopathic remedies have worked WONDERS!!! I’ve been putting Slippery Elm bark powder on my hip (made in a paste). It looks awful, but it certainly takes the pain away. I just hope it works to take the entire injury away, eventually. I also take MSM (heals joints), Valerian Root (to relax my muscles) and Amino Acids in the mornings on an empty stomach, and make sure to take multi-vitamins with all my meals. I drink Minerals in my vegetable juices, and am completely staying away from meat. I’ve switched from dairy products to soy products, and I’m drinking a ton of herbal teas. I’m also barely eating anything, to keep my weight down as I just "SIT HERE" on my BUTT, and do NOTHING but type all day long.

This is probably one of my biggest fears’ gaining weight because I can’t exercise.

It’s been agony going to clubs and just sitting there, watching everyone else dance. One time, I brought my laptop to the Boathouse and watched as my partner danced the entire night away. I actually feel better watching him dance, and amazingly get my own fix just knowing that he is dancing up a storm for the both of us.

It’s tough not being able to dance and get your fix every week. However, I find it fascinating that I feel completely satisfied knowing that he is dancing and getting his own fix. It feels as if I have danced all night long.

He’s been awesome and extremely loving about the whole thing. Last Saturday everyone wanted to go to a local hot spot after a party at the George-Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. Jessie was having her annual Salsa bash there, and some of the best Salseros in Los Angeles showed up. They were headed to Bolero Club right afterward. My hip was really killing me, and I decided before we left for the party that I would take a separate car, and drive home. He would go to Bolero’s and dance with the rest of the group, and catch a ride after the club later that evening. I couldn’t bare to go to another club and sit there and just watch everyone else dance.

He is new to LA, and this town is like a kid in a candy store for him. The dancers and the music are absolutely incredible here. I can honestly say, from my own experience, that some of the best bands, DJs, and dancers in the world are right here in Los Angeles. There’s no smoking allowed in the nightclubs, and everyone is so nice and gets along with everyone else just wonderfully. The instructors and promoters don’t fight or argue with each other. The scene in LA is pristine.

But that night, he could feel my inner depression (I tried my best not to show it, brushing it off with a smile). Even though Bolero is one of the best clubs to go to on a Saturday night in Los Angeles, He decided he was going home with me to take care of me. I argued with him, and demanded that he go out with the rest of the group, but he overruled my objections, and came home with me.

Folks, there is nothing better than a Salsero/fianc’ who would give up the best night out of the week in Los Angeles, to be at home with you to take care of you.

I was in shock.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. When you have a loved one, or if you are a loved one, there is nothing better, and more appreciated than your kind acts of sacrifice, and love. You don’t need to spend any money or go anywhere special with them. All you need to do is share your love, care, and sacrifice ‘ they will see it, and truly appreciate it.

I’m still not dancing, but I am finding more time to write, and appreciate what God has given me. This hip injury is a Blessing-In-Disguise that has made me realize just how special he truly is. He now goes out on occasion, but not as often. When he does go out, he gets his fix for me, and I can feel it. I just can’t wait till we can both get our fix "together" again. Thank you God. OK. You can make me better now. I’m ready.

(fingers tapping on the table’)

‘..Any time now’

‘I’m waiting’

Happy Dancing!!
- Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!