Part 2: (continued from previous blog post)

To a man, there is nothing sexier than a woman’s smile. Right guys?
You can have the greatest breast implants in the world, but if you don’t smile ‘ no boob job at WHATEVER expense will matter!!! No one will even give you a second glance!

YOUR SMILE is just the START of Quality, AUTHENTIC Ladies Styling. A simple smile ‘ even a FAKE one can save marriages, stop wars, and strengthen the economy ‘ smart women know this.


So ladies, the first thing you have to do ‘ no matter what the temperature ‘ is ‘SMILE’.

The next thing you need to do is stop looking ‘cold’ ‘ even if it is freezing outside. Looking ‘cold and shivering’ is not at all appealing. I know, I know, the reality is that indeed it is very COLD during certain times of the year.

But remember, it’s not how you feel, IT IS HOW YOU LOOK that makes you stand out and attractive. I am not promoting catching a cold due to lack of attire, but I ‘am’ promoting the corners of your mouth to be raised and your arms not so severely crossed that no crow-bar could possibly unlock them!

Being / acting ‘cold’ promotes a selfish type of being into your ‘self’ and not caring about anyone else’ attitude in keeping warm. This ‘stance’ so-to-speak is reflected in your coiled-up freezing body. You are inadvertently training your body to look isolated alone, and insecure, by ‘trying to keep warm’ during those times of the year when it really ‘is’ cold. Unfortunately, ‘cold woman habits’ start forming and there you have it ‘ a lifetime of wondering why on earth you don’t feel attractive because no one is taking a second look - ever. But face it’ how can you POSSIBLY be sexy in cold temperatures?

Most of us (whom have not taken professional Styling courses) have had to resort to thinking that ‘dressing sexy’ with the style of clothing we wear during the winter months will suffice. I’m here to tell you (and so will most men) that dressing sexy does NOT make you sexy nor appealing. It is the ‘FEELING of warmth in your smile’ that you project from your inner feminine essence that attracts. With the correct training, you can be ‘naturally sexy’ no matter what the temperature is like inside or out! Face it. There are very few legitimately warm (inexpensive) winter outfits that look sexy in the winter time!

Another thing to blame the weather on is our ‘hurrying’ to get to that warm spot. We literally end up practically RUNNING to get to some sort of heat source. We ‘run like men’ to our appointments’ we ‘run like men’ to catch a cab’ we ‘run like men’ to catch the train’we ‘run like men’ up and down stairs in a HURRY to get / keep warm. We cross our arms, hide our hands, and burry our heads down in our necks to keep the warmth in’

How can a man POSSIBLY be attracted to you as a woman’ if you act and look just like him?


Do you think a man wants ANOTHER MAN? (you?)

Sometimes we can’t afford to buy ‘sexy outfits’ in cold weather and end up looking and therefore acting like our male counterparts even more so! We end up wearing the same jeans, the same boots, the same down jackets as our male counterparts! Every year the styles are making us look more and more like men!

‘ and then SOME OF US end up going DANCING wearing the EXACT SAME CLOTHING THE GUYS ARE WEARING. Jeans, flat shoes, simple shirt’ bland color’ yup, just like the guys.

What’s up with that?

AND THEN’ to make matters even WORSE, when we get to work, in order to maintain our ‘control’ in our controlling jobs that we worked so hard (like men) to get (some of us even have men that work under us) we end up in the ‘seat of power’ for between 8 to 12 hours per day. Without even realizing it, we end up opening our own doors, carrying our own briefcase, pumping our own gas, paying our own bills’ we literally do EVERYTHING a man does!


And you wonder why it is so difficult for us to act / be feminine? All we’ve been practicing 8 to 12 hours per day and half the year is how to be and behave like ‘men’!!

Men don’t have to do this! Men don’t practice ‘being female’ for 8 to 12 hours per day! They are MEN’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week! And then we WONDER why we have so many gender issues today.


As women, we get so accustomed to all this ‘male practice’, we end up performing these same gestures during summer months ‘ AND the dance floor, as they have ‘become’ a mindless life habit now.

During the day,
‘ Who reminds us to keep our posture straight?
‘ Who reminds us to stop slouching?
‘ Who reminds us to chew with our mouths closed?
‘ Who reminds us to keep our legs crossed or together while sitting or standing?
‘ Who reminds us to smile?
‘ Who reminds us to fix our hair?


The bottom line is this.
The objective of accomplishing Quality Ladies Styling during dance starts in the morning when you wake up ‘ no matter where you live, or what the temperature is like outside.

Once you get your head on straight and are MADE CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of what gender you are, or are PRACTICING all day long, you can start to collect the Ladies Styling Instructional DVDs to actually ‘practice being feminine’ on the dance floor ‘ no matter what style of dance you choose.

Ladies. Hear this.
You need to make a feminine statement the minute YOU WALK IN to the dance hall ‘ or ANY room or restaurant for that matter. In my Ladies Styling Bootcamps, we actually go through the process of walking into a room as a WOMAN ‘ NOT A MAN. For some women, this is a life-changing experience. Some actually cry afterwards, and some cannot even go through with it.

Has this how bad it’s gotten in this day and age?

For the woman who has mastered the art of Ladies Styling, there are no simple words to define ‘Ladies Styling’. If you are unsure, or need to remind yourself to ‘be a lady’ ‘ whether on or off the dance floor, start off by simply ‘pretending’ you are on a very hot, humid climate beach, have incredibly beautiful hair, long nails, a purse and high heeled shoes to match that gorgeous flowing dress in the hot island wind’ Pretend you’ve been doing this FOR YEARS and that EVERY WOMAN around you is doing the SAME THING.


Trust me, even if it is 10 degrees below zero outside, your essence as a woman, (with tropical thoughts in your mind) will ‘look and vibrationally appear/feel’ entirely different. ONLY THEN will you understand the primary mental first steps toward ‘Ladies Styling Mastery’.

‘. To be continued in Part "3" ‘

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Happy Dancing!!
- Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!