Improve, Improve, Improve YOURSELF!

The following is WHAT I ACTUALLY STARTED DOING to improve my life one year ago. Try it, it works!

Twenty steps to follow for the rest of your life:
1. Review your written goals daily. (Unwritten goals are just pipe dreams)
2. Don't ever step on a scale.
3. Start systematically buying "slimmer" clothing.
4. Look good at ALL TIMES - even when working out and grocery shopping.
5. Wear makeup as often as you can.
6. Get a color analysis done, and only wear tops or items that are close to your face that are in your "color". (ie: autumn, winter, spring, summer)
7. Start systematically throwing out more and more of your "fat" clothes every week and month. (you know which ones they are).
8. Stay out of the sun (causes wrinkles).
9. Get your nails and hair done.
10. Look in the mirror and smile, then force yourself to smile the rest of the day, even when you don't feel like it.
11. When sitting or standing anywhere, sit or STAND UP TALL and STRAIGHT. Your shoulders should be pushed down and back, your chin level to the floor, Your left foot at 10 o'clock, right foot at 12 o'clock. Your hands should be at their sides. This will appear to take off 10 pounds from your mid section within seconds. (ask a friend to video tape you while you are sitting, walking, and standing and you'll see EXACTLY what I'm talking about)
12. When walking, walk with your chin level to the floor, shoulders back, and with confidence. (again, watch yourself on tape) This also takes 10 pounds off your "appearance".
13. Buy a monthly message from a qualified m***euse.
14. Educate yourself on Nutrition! Buy books, magazines, tapes, hang out at health food stores, do whatever it takes to master and take control of your body and health again.
15. Hang out with healthy friends and people. Stay around positive, uplifting individuals who care about and love you, and only want the best for you.
16. Listen to motivational c***ette tapes, read motivational books, watch motivational movies. (while riding your stationary bike of course!)
17. Stop watching so much TV and replace that time with a sport or activity you really love, like dancing, soccer, softball, volleyball, karate, or something that involves other people that keeps your aerobically fit and active.
18. Take a modeling cl***.
19. Eliminate, walk away from, ignore, and hide from all the negatives in your life.
20. Help other people you know do the same.