How many of you have forgotten the names of the days of the week because in your mind you have replaced them with the names of the Nightclubs that are OPEN THAT NIGHT?

I'll never forget. Someone at work asked me what day it was. MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS OF THE CLUB OPEN THAT NIGHT AND THAT HELPED ME REMEMBER THE DAY OF THE WEEK FOR HIM. omg.

My thought process has now become the following. AND THIS IS NO JOKE.

... oh, ok. Today is Rudolphos"... (so that translates to "Monday")

What is the date today? (as she starts thinking... "ok... well Rudolpho's was last night, so tonight is St. Mark's... so that makes it... hhhmmm... TUESDAY - yea, that's it it's Tuesday today.)

What is today? (ok... hhhmmm.... I'm going to El Cubanito's tonight, so that makes it... a "WEDNESDAY" )

Today is... (well, I'm going to Mama Juana's tonight, so that means it's "THURSDAY" - YUP. It's Thursday.)

Let's see, today is a... (ok, END OF THE WEEK MEANS GRANADA!!! So I guess that means it's "FRIDAY!")

It's the weekend! But is it Saturday or Sunday? (TONIGHTIS THE MAYAN, SO IT'S DEFINITELY SATURDAY!!)

The end of the weekend, and ready to start the work day so today is... (STEVEN'S STEAKHOUSE!!! - It's "Sunday" today!!)