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  • Just Complaining.

    Dear Edie
    I am just complaining hear and ventilating lots of frustration with salsa dancers.

    I am 61 years old male and 2nd generation Italian born in the Bronx and have lived all over the us danced everywhere and anything--new to salsa.
    I dance ( or at least go to ) many clubs here in New York City.

    one of the major problems I have ( and others also) is dealing with macho/macha attitude---surprising to me is the level of it in females of all ages---it is very rare ( I once did a study at the copacabana--asked 50 women in a row would you like to dance--49 said no in some manner, about 20 said maybe latter( very nicely), 35 look at me like I was religiously unclean and spit out attitude like get the @$#%%$# out of hear... understand it is not only me this is done to--there are about 4 men over 60 and we know each other and talk about this and we know we are not the problem). I have never found this type of attitude in any other culture--what the heck is going on here?--it must be impossible for young people to meet each other with this macho/macha attitude--declare it dead and lets get on with it--maybe women above 50 will start to go out and dance

    thanks for listening and excuse all the typos!!

    Have a beautiful and peaceful day