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Should DJs Announce Song Names at Clubs?

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  • Should DJs Announce Song Names at Clubs?

    Notice to all Music Producers and Nightclub DJs:
    Should DJs Announce Song Names at Clubs AFTER every song?
    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! [URL=""] [/URL]

    I am a dancer and instructor.
    I represent dancers and can relate to dancers.Dancers dance to Music (duh).

    Without music, there would be no dancers, however without dancers, there would still be music.
    I have heard over the year, via the grapevine, from countless promoters, that there is however a very wide “disconnect” between Dancers and Musicians. To put it bluntly, there is simply the Cl***ic “Lack of Communication” between the two.

    Allow me to explain.
    Most Music Artists and band members do not take the time to learn to excel in dancing as dancers do. Most dancers do not take the time to research who the artist of every song is, much less the song name. Most don’t even care (sad but true), and most dancers just want the next song to start so they can keep dancing.

    After taking Albert Torres' History of Music cl*** for the second in Switzerland this year, and discussing this very subject with him, he continues to tell me how disappointed he is that the dancers don’t know the artists of the songs, nor the song names. He took a poll in the cl*** and asked how many dancers knew who Tito Puente was…then Celia Cruz… then Eddie Palmieri… the results were astonishing. Less than 15% of the cl*** raised their hands for every artist mentioned. I myself was shocked. The first time i took his cl***, was about five years ago in Sweden. Back then over 50% of the people raised their hands. Now only 15%?

    The numbers are diminishing. As each year p***es, less and less people / dancers remember who the greatest Salsa / Mambo artists of all of history were. This is truly a tragedy.

    However, as a dancer, I find it difficult to accept the responsibility to research each and every artist – especially when all I want to do is dance - especially when I can get on Pandora radio ([url][/url]) and connect to a single Latin artist that I “do” know, and just listen to that and similar genres all day – getting educated at the same time if I like a particular song. Pandora has definitely done all of us a FANTASTIC educational service in that area.

    Dancers don’t / can’t / won’t research the song because the majority of the time because they cannot remember “how it went”, sounded, much less the words. The majority of the time, all they know is that it was a cool song, and that’s all they can remember. They beg the DJ to play it, but time and time again, the DJ has no clue what they are talking about, as they struggle to hum the tune, and say its words… DJs will laugh at this as time and time again, night after night, they have to listen to horrible-sounding renditions of songs from dancers trying to hum their way through a tune they so desperately want to hear…

    Here is a scenario that happens over and over again…

    … “Oh! There’s that song again! I LOVE that song!!”

    · “Who sings it?”

    · “I have no idea. We’ll ask the DJ afterward.”

    · “What’s the name of it?”

    · “I don’t know…!!”

    · “DJ booth is locked – he just told me doesn’t give away his songs (secrets) for fear “his music” will be copied by other DJs and he will not get hired anymore.”

    · “So how do I find out the name and artist of the song?”

    · “Bring your Iphone to the club next time, and we’ll download Shazam and find out.”

    · “I tried that last time, and it didn’t work.”

    · “So how do we find out the name of that song?”

    · “…I don’t know. I can try singing it to the next DJ. Maybe he’ll recognize it.”

    Dancers get tired of going through this on a weekly basis. So they just “stop” asking, and continue dancing.

    DJs play the music, and don’t tell us the names of the artists nor the songs all night long, night after night, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Maybe they don’t know? And Musicians, Artists, Promoters, and Instructors WONDER why dancers are so ignorant of the music they dance to? Most dancers don’t even know that Musician Genius “Tito Puente” made over 100 CDs mostly for us dancers! Most of the songs we dance to were created by Tito Puente and his Orchestra – some of us don’t even know who Tito Puente is! Sometimes I am given music as a gift on a burned CD, that I don’t know where it came from, nor who the artist is, nor the name of the song, and Shazam (Iphone App) doesn’t tell me either. It’s a killer song, but “Gee, I wish I knew who the artist was… “
    It would really help if the DJs at every nightclub would take less than four seconds to announce the name of the song that was played and the artist AFTER the song is over.


    What would be even COOLER is if the name of the song and artist were PLACED INSIDE the music of the ACTUAL CD before each song, as part of the track as it was being created. This way, the DJs don’t have to say a word if they don’t want to … the CD already tells the name of the song and the artist just a split second after it plays.

    HHHhhhhmmmmm…. Now why hasn’t anyone thought of that? EVER?

    Making the song/artist announcement AFTER the song is over is more important /impressive than BEFORE the song plays because we can anticipate Who the Artist is AFTER we hear the song. If the announcement is BEFORE the song plays, and we don’t pay too much attention, we will miss out on the artist name and song name if we realize we really like the song afterward. (now THAT was a mouthful).

    It would analogous to hearing the song “Hotel California” by the Eagles for the very first time, and the DJ made the song/artist announcement BEFORE the song played… then when you hear the end of the song, you realize you really like it, especially after the phrase, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…” and you forgot the artist name was announced Before and not After the song, you may NEVER REMEMBER who the artist was, and may never again hear that song until “by chance” they play it again…
    Get it? Geez, I hope so!
    Sometimes the simplest answers can solve the most complicated questions. Life would be so simple, and we would be so well-educated
    if the DJs or the CD itself would let us know AFTER every song, the artist and the name of the song that was being played afterward.


    That’s it.

    Bottom line.

    What I “do” notice however, is DJs making other types of comments, singing to the songs, announcing their own names, other’s names, upcoming events, local radio stations … everything BUT the very music they are playing.

    Another thing I’ve noticed also, is the names of the songs are only on the CD covers… but NOT within the music of the CD after each song is over. We all have to sit here are “guess” what track number, and then match the name of the song to the track number to figure out which one it is. Has anyone ever thought - through the LOGISTICS of this ridiculous pain-staking process?

    If you really think about it… HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT. And then you wonder why Artists and Musicians are UPSET because they are not getting paid for their work.



    So the big question is…
    What are we / they / going to do about this?

    Comments / Solutions: Please Post your Thoughts!
    Should DJs Announce Song Names at Clubs AFTER every song?
    Should DJs Announce Song Names at Clubs BEFORE every song?
    Should they NEVER announce the title and artist?
    If things should remain the same, should artists complain?

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    I think it would be unnerving to hear the DJ announce the name of the song EVERY SONG. If people really want to know the artist, they should ASK THE DJ.


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      Promoters should stop telling us to "know our music" if we have NO CLUE who to look for. I love to dance, and I love Salsa, but I have no idea who the artists are. When I try to go buy a Salsa music CD online, I have no idea who to pick, or what song to look for. Why? Cuz the DJs don't tell us, the promoters of the clubs don't tell us, and I don't speak Spanish THAT well. I only know a few words to the songs - much less the artist who sings it.

      I can see this as being a real problem for musicians who are trying to get their name out there - much less, make a living. No wonder the musicians suffer. Who's fault is it? I mean really, who is responsible for educating us? Some say its the Salsa Instructors... well I don't take classes cuz I learned when I was a kid, so even in the teachers DO say all the song names in their classes (which 99% don't I heard) then how am I supposed to know these Latin Nightclub artists?

      I think it's the DJs responsibility to educate their public. They are doing a real dis-service to the artists by not saying who they are. How do you expect any bands to make money if nobody know who they are?


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        Well when I was at an event, I noticed Mr. DJ Henry Knowles only announces the band names HE REPRESENTS. When he plays other artist's songs, SILENCE FROM THE DJ BOOTH. Now how would Tito or Celia, or Mr. Willie Colon feel if they all walked into an event and heard ... "nothing" from the DJ booth when THEIR music came on.


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          Should DJs Announce Song Names at Clubs?

          DJ Cuba ( Juan Carlos),IS Better go to the DJ and ask the name of the song and artist.
          They are some song you can find at some webside and others songs only djs share others djs, thise song are not release on the webside only can find it on lps.
          Some lps are been remaster and release some the web side. the webside are itune, emusic and finia.
          I understand how can be frustrated a DJ play the same song every weekend , when thay are so many song to play.
          Now they are few excelents DJs they play great song for the dancer, DJ Cuba is coming one the best DJs in Denver and going for my sequend congress.


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            Well, one can use programs like Soundhound or Shazzam on iPhones and Androids. Both programs will listen to the music being played and tell you the song. I've found that they work better with recorded music than with live music though.