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    Feel free to [B]ask questions and leave comments[/B] write your thoughts on any type of music played at Latin (Salsa/Bachata) Nightclubs and Events worldwide.

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    Our local DJ has no clue. I'm sick and tired of some of the music he plays here in our town. He keeps playing the same old stuff over and over again. I swear if I hear Suave Mente one more time I will puke. I've been to a couple of congresses, and have come back with a new appreciation for QUALITY Salsa and Bachata music - but the problem is I don't know the artists or song names - the DJs never tell us. Are there any DJs out there with their list of favorites so I can print it out and SHOW our local DJ what is good? I don't care if I have to give spot him a $20. A good DJ can make or breaks the evenings. I am tempted to take up DJ'ing MYSELF so I can blow this guy away.

    - Can anyone help me?


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      I'm a DJ May be I can help you, we have the same problem in denver some of DJ's.Firt tel me what town you linve


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        Bro I know the guy so I cant say the town. He may see this and kill me with only merengues all night long when I get there. lol It's small. Dancers here may see this post after I told them our DJ basically sucked. They must like his music - they keep requesting he play Merengue Spanish Rock, and Cumbia. I see it every night. They are always bugging him all night about playing their Merengues. I think it's cuz that is all the DJ educates them on. he doesn't expose them to quality salsa music. Do you think good DJs never tell their song names and artists cuz it's their own personal collection and they don't want to share any info? I think this damages the overall Salsa industry, and makes people who are suffering like ME not want to go out anymore cuz we've been exposed to great music at congresses and larger cities like New York and LA. I thought about hiring a guest DJ to come out here but then it's only for a weekend and it's expensive and then he's gotta go back home and here we are stuck with the same old DJ and his same old music. I know him. His ego wont let him learn about the new guest DJ and he will get jealous and not even show up at the event. He told me once that as long as the club owner packs the place, (he thinks its the music its not) he won't consider another dj. DJCuba can you put up a continuously rotating Top Ten "quality" DJ music list someplace that I can learn from? I don't mind buying the music cuz I support the artist big time. I just want to know what the hell the song names are and the artists. You can set up your own personal blog here on this site. edie has me testing this thing out. Its really pretty cool. When you set your blog up, people can talk and exchange ideas with you. Go to "Blogs" at the top of this screen, then on the right you see a blue button, click "Create" then "Go". I'll be your first customer thats for sure.