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I love dancing with him, but I can't stand him as a person

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  • dan
    Guys feel the same

    I'm laughing as I read your post.
    I had the same problem a couple of dance partners ago. Sometimes I wish women weren't ALLOWED to talk. Every fricking time I did something "wrong" in her eyes, she had to open her big mouth and spill it out. Drove me nuts after a while. I loved dancing with her and all but her MOUTH made me want to dance with ANYONE ELSE.

    It (her mouth) eventually broke up our partnership. You know if women would just realize how their words can really mess with a guy's mojo, they would keep them closed. Guys don't say anything about it I've noticed - they keep to themselves, and just say, "oh, she's just a b***tch. But they don't EXPLAIN in reality it her MOUTH that is IN THE WAY OF HER DANCING.

    I had no idea it could go the other way. This guy must have been Cuban - Ha Ha ha!!! Cubans love to TALK - AND I MEAN ALOT!!!

    Was he Cuban?

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  • I love dancing with him, but I can't stand him as a person

    WHY IS THAT? I mean, we connect together on the floor like two peas in a pod. Our chemistry is a perfect match. We look for each other when we get to the clubs. We dance several songs together, and people even comment on how well we look together out there.

    But then he opens his mouth and I just want to cringe.

    How can this be?