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How do other guys handle this?

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  • How do other guys handle this?

    I guess I'm going to put myself out there.
    I really want to know how other guys handle this.

    I'm an intermediate / improver dancer I guess.

    I feel like girls are bored with my lead. I dance with them, and their faces look like they are making a grocery list in their head.

    Does anyone else get this? What does it take to get them to smile?
    - Discouraged.

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    She looks BORED.

    If I end up dancing with a woman who looks bored, I just finish the dance and then never ask her to dance again. I have enough regulars who enjoy dancing with me and always look like they're having fun.


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      So what does it take to be one of your "Regulars" Mr. MacGuy?

      ... just curious. /


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        [QUOTE=bcali;275]... just curious. /[/QUOTE]

        Have fun when you're dancing with me.


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          I think advanced dancers should LEARN HOW TO SMILE AGAIN. My god you see so much "holier than thou" out there, especially here in Europe. Italy is the WORST. It's the Beginners that have the BIGGEST SMILES - I almost prefer dancing with THEM after a while! A beginner will make sure to let you know they are beginners... JUST DON'T LOSE YOUR SMILE GUYS AND GIRLS!!! I was taking Edie's class last year and I'll never forget her little skit on what it's like to see a girl dancing with a guy that isn't smiling. She looks like she's making her GROCERY LIST. omg I laughed so hard. From that point on, even if I don't feel like smiling I fake it till I make it. Cuz when I fake my smile, HE SMILES A REAL SMILE BACK and then my fake smile turns into a REAL SMILE BACK AT HIM - so dont sweat it guys. Even if we're faking it in the beginning, when you give us a good smile back, we REALLY SMILE back!!! Its just a question of "who starts the smile chain first" HA HA HA!!!


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            Believe me Susie - a smile is the hottest thing a woman can wear on the dance floor. I mean, when I'm dancing with an amazing dancer, how can I not smile?


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              JUST a SMILE IT IS THEN!! WOO HOO!!!

              That's ALL I'M WEARING TONIGHT!

              OH YEA!!!! oh - and my high heels.

              YEAH BABY!!!!


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                Where you going?


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                  [QUOTE=becca;315]That's ALL I'M WEARING TONIGHT!

                  OH YEA!!!! oh - and my high heels.

                  YEAH BABY!!!![/QUOTE]

                  Yeah baby.


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                    I wanna know

                    no really, where are you going?


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                      You guys are DOGS