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Promoters piss me off

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  • Promoters piss me off

    This is the THIRD TIME we've been stiffed by a promoter.

    Once for competition (MAJOR) that we WON, but never got paid.
    Once for Congress we performed AND taught at, and never got paid.
    Once for a competition we judged and were told we would get $100 - NEVER GOT THAT EITHER.

    Is this a trend or WHAT?

    Is anybody else not getting paid? Are we going about this the wrong way? Should we ask to get paid up front? Would we be the only ones doing that? I mean, this just doesn't seem normal nor professional and frankly I'M GETTING SICK OF IT.

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    Don't take any S#|*@ from Promoters

    Becca, I feel your pain. I know exactly what you are going through. You have to be SMART - like a New Yorker. Don't take any S(*^%$ from these promoters. What I tell my Instructor Training DBM students is to ask for at least 50% payment up front weeks or months before - when you are invited. This locks you into scheduling in their event in your calendar. This also obligates them to YOU, and gets them "used to" dishing out the cash and actually "paying" you.

    I have been stiffed MANY times in the past as well - by VERY FAMOUS WORLD SALSA PROMOTERS to say the least. "oh! I forgot to pay you! - get back with me next month on that."

    One extremely well-known promoter never paid me for an International competition that I judged. He paid everyone else first ($500 each - it was 11 hours of judging), and when he got to me when I was waiting in line to get paid, he told me he "ran out of checks" and if he could send me the money. Of course I trusted him. I kept emailing him. He gave me one excuse after another. Then they don't pay you if they sell your Dance products if you don't sell them to them at a discount up front - never wait till they sell them and expect to get paid - it won't happen. Another one told me over the phone after the event, "Well, I got the venue paid for, the bands are paid, I got everyone paid off. Now I just need to worry about you Edie." Six months later, he tried to "Make monthly payments" with me. I realized later that he used the money I brought in from four bootcamps I taught to pay off everyone else but me.

    Another "Famous" Salsa promoter did an entire weekend event that accompanied two 16-hour weekends of beginner and Instructor Training Bootcamps, hired a band, several different performers, flew in a group from New York - the whole bit. He used the money brought in from the two weekends of my instruction (I taught 32 hours total over two weekends) to pay off the airline tickets for the group from New York first, them second (they were smart - New Yorkers ask for their money in unique ways) the venue second, the bands third, all the performers fourth, and never paid me. Two years of "trying to find" this guy was unbelievable. I found out he took off to Europe with the money he owed me. Later I found out that he was starting another Congress in his country. I had a boyfriend from New York at the time. He got "right on it" when I told him the story. He had us BOTH contact all the performers that were invited to that event, and tell them the story. We advised the performers to get at LEAST 50% of their fees up front - prior to performing. I guess he was going to see if he could pull it off again - bigger this time. When they called his bluff, I found out the Congress was cancelled.

    You see Becca, even people who are famous, and "appear" to be well - off financially will postpone paying you or may NEVER pay you. I guess they figured you are too nice and would forgive them, and forget about it. I used to do that all the time. I have been way too trusting. People have constantly told me, "Edie, you're too nice."

    Becca you have to be smart - like New Yorkers. They don't take any crap. What the New York dance group did was ask for full or half payment up front, then would not leave the venue until they were paid that night AFTER their performances. I remember this very famous group having very LARGE MEN in it. When you want to get paid, tell a New Yorker your story. It "will" get 'DONE'.

    When I was dating Willie Colon, I learned a lot about the entertainment industry. I learned how to not take any *(&^&%^ from people (he is a New Yorker) and pay the people who took care of me FIRST - usually they were the ones that helped make you money and bring people to your events. Then, he would pay everyone else AFTER that. After every gig, Willie's band members, the roadies, the managers, EVERYONE would wait in line to get paid outside of his hotel room. There he was with his large checkbook and cash. EVERYONE who stood there WAITING IN LINE got paid. In my own cases, (and you can ask many promoters) I was always the very last one to get paid. I was either still on the dance floor dancing, or I had a plane to catch... but was the very last person in the line (when they "ran out of checks") and was always too trusting of every promoter I dealt with - because I am one myself. I just figured that every promoter was like me - that they were people of their "Word".

    It seems I always had to learn the hard way. That is why I decided to create an Instructor Training Dance Business Management (DBM) course. What we are talking about here is just a "tiny little segment" of the "Performance and Choreography" portion of the course. What you learn in the DBM course are Case Studies of my 20 years of being banged up and taken advantage of in this business. I also teach horror stories from other victims of all sorts - without ever mentioning names.

    Tony Robbins spoke about learning from your mistakes in one of his Date with Destiny seminars I attended. He said, "If you only LEARN from your mistakes, you have failed. If you TEACH others about your mistakes, you will become rich." - and I don't think he meant it in the monetary sense, but in the "win, win" sense. If I can help you save thousands of hours of pain and wasted time, and thousands of dollars in the process by learning from my past mistakes, we both win.

    Eleanor Roosevelt said once, "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself."
    Take my DBM course! Details here:

    - Edie