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    Random: I was talking to my cousin the other day and he was talking to me about "opening my third eye". I was like, "Huh?!? Uhm. I only have two eyes." I'm not yet quite familiar with "third eyes and all that stuff but he was trying to explain to me that when one opens their third eye they are fully aware of their surroundings and maybe even go into the future. I thought that was cool but I think I know wha he's talking about.

    Everytime I dance salsa I am so conscious of it all. It's crazy! I know where my partner is at, I'm aware of the people that surround me, the people looking at me, the guy over there talking to that pretty girl... The list goes on. I can see a move before it happens. The energy in the air, in the music, with my partner. It's crazy. Well, I told him that my third eye opens when I dance salsa.

    Who knows if it's true or not but I guess I do have three eyes when I hit the dance floor.
    .nopalero. []